Gutfeld on the droning of Al Qaeda's bomb maker

While the media feasts on crocked lawyers and porn stars, one story slips by. According to the U.N., Al Qaeda's chief bomb maker was killed during a U.S. drone strike late last year. Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is his name.

If this is the first you've heard of this, it's because to the media, tax returns are more important than terror. The true irony, the Trump administration has been so good at killing terrorists that the media can focus that much more on hating the Trump administration.

But this progress shouldn't be much comfort. What was al-Asiri known for? The marriage of technology and terror. He was the Thomas Edison of mayhem. Bombs hidden in printer cartridges and electronics that could sneak by scanners and dogs, non-metallic suicide vest, underwear bombs -- remember those? He didn't just design them, he also trained other designers who are still alive and ticking.

Meaning Al Qaeda and ISIS are still coming for you and me, but that pales in comparison to a porn star payoff. For the longest time we've heard about climate change but terror change matters more. Even when terrorists fail, they evolve, even if their goal is to return us to the seventh century. That will always be the next really big headline.

So we should be thankful for the intel that we get from our allies and our national security folks who remain vigilant while we call each other racists and complained about tweets. Lucky for us, these are great people who aren't distracted by thousands of hacks who give us poop and call it a scoop.