Gutfeld on the culturally appropriated prom dress

Out of dumb stories comes a great lesson. It starts with a high school student posting photos in her prom dress on social media. She's white and wore a traditional Chinese dress. This, according to the media, sparked outrage over cultural appropriation.

First, always beware of such B.S. Stories like this are based on some weenie faking offense. And the media breathlessly covers it, because we're just suckers for outrage.

But as always, the cultural appropriation offense is a sham. The idea that it's racist to incorporate something from another culture is so morally bankrupt it's actually deadly. Over time, healthy people adopt practices that enhance their lives, meaning they steal good things, not the bad. But all things come from somewhere else. So appropriation isn't just a complement to a culture, it's how civilizations thrive.

Do you wear pajamas? If you're not an Indian Muslim, you're racist. Pajamas originated from Indian Muslims. And God forbid the sheets you sleep on are of Egyptian cotton.

Do you eat yogurt? I bet a lot of social justice warriors do. How racist is that to appropriate the diet of Central Asian herdsmen from 6000 B.C.?

Do you walk upright? How dare you steal the practice initiated by Ardipithecus ramidus, the earliest hominid from Ethiopia.

In sum, if you live your life by avoiding cultural appropriation, you'd have no life whatsoever. You didn't even evolve. At best, you'd just be stupid, which is a trait found in all cultures and stories generated by Twitter.