Gutfeld on restaurant attacks and Rosie's ascendance

By now, you've all heard about CNN viewers harassing people they don't like at dinner.

It's awesome: Anarchists and socialists ruining other people's lunch just to make them miserable before the check comes. It's pure, unconscious brain function where screaming and other reflexes are only possible if it doesn't involve actual thinking. This is what fascism looks like when it first puts on its baby jackboots. It's so adorable when they first try to walk in them. I feel for their families, but I know their families don't talk to them. They just send money because people like this don't have jobs.

What we're seeing is a contagion. This is what failure looks like, unemployable yahoos who join a mob and demand people with jobs just give up. It's physically repulsive. I mean, literally, physically repulsive. Meaning it's time for a Greg's Golden Rule of Anger: Thou shalt not yell. Check out that beard. That's commandment 12. It's right there. The more you yell, the better it feels, but the worse you look. Just watch.




I love her. But she's just thinking what Rosie is saying.


ROSIE O'DONNELL, ACTRESS: I believe he should be impeached. I'm sickened by Congress that doesn't call for articles of impeachment.

We have to fight with everything we've got because if somehow they're able to rig the elections again, as I believe they did in 2016, then we're all going to be in trouble, as democracy dies right here on our watch.

CROWD SINGING: Let the sunshine. Let the sunshine. The sunshine in.


That looks like fun. In fact, Rosie seems like a perfect fit for the resistance. If the Democrats don't make her their 2020 candidate, they're missing the boat.

Meanwhile, in West Hollywood, the Democratic council bravely voted to remove Trump's Walk of Fame star. Yeah, I'm sure that really ruined Trump's day. So if losing your star on the Walk of Fame is the price you pay for being a president who gets stuff done, you know where you can stick that star.