Gutfeld on Peter Fonda's tweets

Tuesday, the violent group Antifa tweeted out identities and locations of over 1,500 immigration and customs agents and not to send them Christmas cards. This is called "doxing" when you spread someone personal post so others can harass them. The justification, clearly, these agents are evil, so why not. Are you surprised? Not when the media's loudest voices described America as the Third Reich, making these agents the storm troopers. Soledad O'Brien just tweeted, I guess we put to rest the question, Nazi, Germany, could it happen here in America.

On Twitter, actor Peter Fonda, do you remember him? Barely. Instructed the world to target the agents by surrounding their kid's schools and scaring the F out of them. Fonda also called for kidnapping Barron Trump to be put in a cage with pedophiles. That tweet got over a thousand likes. He also called for Kirstjen Nielsen to be stripped naked and whipped, that got nearly 700 likes. Viva the resistance.

So outrage minus any solution creates a bloodthirst targeting Americans trying to solve a problem that the loudest voices never cared about until now. But a simple Google search going a few years back will find terrible tales of child sex and labor trafficking, smugglers tricking kids into a life of enslavement. Is that the alternative you'd want for 125,000 unaccompanied minors who've come to America since 2011 from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. I got that stat for a Washington Post 2016 article when President Obama was in charge, back when Peter Fonda and the rest didn't seem to mind.