Gutfeld on Netanyahu's soccer video

Finally, soccer is good for something. I kid. I love soccer. Here's Israeli prime minister congratulating Iran on their exploits in something called the World Cup. Apparently, the World Cup is a competition between countries that play soccer. It's very popular around the world:


ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: Can you imagine how hard it is to stop Ronaldo from scoring a goal? I used to play soccer. Let me tell you, it's almost impossible. But the Iranian team just did the impossible. To the Iranian people, I say you showed courage on the playing field and today you showed the same courage in the streets of Iran. That's why I offered medical aid to save Iranian lives after a devastating earthquake. One day, I hope to watch Iran's soccer team go head to head against Israel in a free Tehran. On that day, we'll all be winners.


So as we worry about incivility within our own borders, we're watching olive branches sprouting from all over. Somewhat similar to Trump's North Korea experiment, Netanyahu is taking a "we'll see what happens" approach to Iran, trying to lower the temperature by appealing to similar human needs and desires. We all like soccer and watching soccer with our families. And you can only really do that when there's peace and prosperity. Netanyahu is creating a contrast between what is and what could be. Does that sound familiar?

As John Bolton and his mustache meets with Putin, there seems to be a new pattern taking shape. And while world leaders have exchanged pleasantries before, this feels different. It's as if peace is being sold and, finally, people are buying. Let's hope these opportunities aren't squandered the way they were before.

So if an outstretched hand works with North Korea, which can go either way at this point, or Iran or Russia, maybe it can work with our fellow Americans, too. To quote the guy who kicked this whole thing off, "we'll see what happens."