Gutfeld on De Niro's tirade

Last night, an elderly, confused man went missing in New York. Luckily, a band of self-satisfied elitists found him babbling on the streets, threw some pants on him, gave him a stage.


ROBERT DE NIRO, ACTOR: I'm going to say one thing: (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Trump.


DE NIRO: It's no longer down with Trump. It's (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Trump.



It kills me. Talk about persuasive. Really, I was on the fence about Trump, but then -- then I decided to really listen to one of the great generational leaders of American pop culture. And the clenched fists at the end, that really drove it home. It looks like he was pressing a 2-pound weight in a Jenny Craig commercial.

Look at it again. It's so cute. It's like he found out the restaurant serves JELL-O or that he won a $10 scratch-off or he scored a cameo in "Jersey Shore," or had his first number two in a week. Thank you, FiberCon.

What a sad end for a great actor. He went from "Raging Bull" -- "Raging Bull" -- to this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Look at this guy! Am I on drugs? Of course I am. It's incredible. Flex Off history is being made!

ZAC EFRON, ACTOR: What's up now, bra?

DE NIRO: Yeah, what's up now, bra?


Yes, poor Bob. You know, he's like a star whose girlfriend dumped him for a bigger star -- a bigger star who's in the White House -- while you're in "Dirty Grandpa." Oh, man.

So now the resistance is reduced to applauding tantrums. Who knew De Niro's lasting role would be irrelevant gasbag pleasing irrelevant peers.

And he's doing this as Trump organizes a summit -- not a war, a summit.

And you've got to wonder if it were President Hillary -- Bob's choice -- would you actually have a summit or would you have a war?

But forget deeds. What matters is adulation received from an emotional display before a packed sea of millionaire lemmings. So who cares that Trump meets with North Korea? It's no "Meet the Parents," right Travis?


DE NIRO: You talking to me? You talking to me? You talking to me?


Sit down. Nobody is talking to you anymore, pathetic old man.