Gutfeld: My advice for President Trump? Go for it

President Trump addresses Congress tonight. So what should be the first thing out of his mouth?


STEPHEN KRAMER GLICKMAN AS PIGEON TOADY: How do you like me now? How do you like me now? How do you like me now? How do you like me now?


I wouldn't blame him if he did that because no one in that room expected him to be there. They'd sooner bet on Texas banning guns or Hollywood banning rufees. Mr. Trump's got to love this. I mean he's addressing Congress. It's like the fox addressing the henhouse or the big bad wolf addressing the three little pigs or Michael Moore addressing a Twinkie.

So will you hear a more thoughtful Donald tonight? Should that even matter? Is it about the president's demeanor or his audience? According to a new NBC poll, President Trump is the least popular person in our nation's capital -- except for everyone else in the room. Yes, 43 percent of people have a positive view of Trump but Pelosi, she's at 19, which is around the popularity of scurvy in the pirate age. The Democratic Party is at 30, slightly more popular than a discarded diaper on a freeway. And Chuck Schumer at 17 is about as popular as the Kars 4 Kids song. Yes, you'll never get that out of your head.

So, despite a lockstep press and his pugnacious style, Mr. Trump has more goodwill going than most. So my advice to him if he's listening, go for it. Be daring. Ignore the jackals. They're just hyenas chasing a big loud lion on the Serengeti.

And for you Democrats, you got to pick your battles. According to Rasmussen, just 29 percent of voters think it's wise for Democrats to oppose Trump on everything because frankly antagonism is the fuel that gets Donald moving. You'd be a fool to keep filling that tank.