Gutfeld: Media swallow hate crime hoax hook, line and sinker


VIVIAN LEE, NY1 ANCHOR: The NYPD hate crimes unit is asking New Yorkers for help in finding a group of men they say harassed a Muslim woman on the subway. Investigators say three men followed the victim on the 6 Train at 23rd Street at around 10 o'clock Thursday evening. They allegedly started taunting her by saying, "You don't belong here" and saying Donald Trump's name. Police say they tried to yank the hijab off of her head before she got off at the 42nd Street Grand Central Station. People we spoke with said they were disgusted by the story.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think everyone's religious beliefs, colors should all be respected, no matter where you come from. And especially in New York being such a diverse city. This should never happen.


GUTFELD: Don't worry, dude, it didn't happen. The whole thing was a hoax.

Initially, 18-year-old Yasmin Seweid claimed she was attacked by those evil male Trump supporters who called her a terrorist and threatened her. It was so bad, she had to write about it on Facebook. But it reeked of B.S., because it was.

So check out the latest BuzzFeed headline: "Woman Arrested for Allegedly Making Up Story of NY Subway Attack by Trump Supporters." Now let's compare that to the first BuzzFeed headline of the incident: "Drunk Men Yelling 'Donald Trump' Attempt to Remove Woman's Hijab on NYC Subway." So do you notice what's missing there? No "allegedly" in the original headline.

BuzzFeed was among many who bought this story, hook, line and stinker, because they wanted their myth to be true that Trump voters gleefully attack innocent Muslims wherever they go. So they suspended skepticism and they enabled a lie.

But what's even worse, Yasmin claimed there were so many witnesses, but none of them helped. So she didn't just waste valuable police time, she smeared an entire city. How stupid must a reporter be to not even question that lie, that no one helped or even took pictures with their camera phone?

So we at Fox, we chased this story. We called the cops. We checked it out. Shame on you jackasses for not doing the same thing.

As for Yasmin, everybody's going to say she has issues. But so does the media, who make these hoaxes an easy path for attention. Even now when reporting this lie, they still claim it's an exception among real attacks, which is another lie. But that's our media, who takes fiction as fact because it fits their ghoulish assumptions. It's a hate crime against all of us.