Gutfeld: Mark Ruffalo's anti-conservative crusade

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Potato-faced actor Mark Ruffalo is demanding MSNBC stop hiring white people. He actually tweeted a petition saying, "Tell MSNBC and NBC News to stop the white conservative hiring spree." The petition implores "Don't promote right-wing hate." How cowardly to cast divergent opinion as hateful. I guess they know their lefty dribble can't compete so they smear other voices as evil to eliminate actual diversity of ideas.

So, who are these hateful people that this networks is hiring? George Will. Nicole Wallace. Greta. Yes, real alt-right goons. If only Mark have the guts to focus on the violent fascists on his side. The scum who throw urine at young women at protests, who stab police horses, who demand days to celebrate racism -- that's your people Marko.

Look, Mark's not that bright. So he masks his insecurities and social justice tantrums. But isn't it time to ask Hollywood to stop hiring white actors like him? Seriously, why doesn't Ruffalo accelerate diversity by rejecting roles and allow people of color to replace him? This guy has been in like 70 movies. Ruffalo's own selfish desire to saturate the marketplace makes him an obstacle for diversity. He's racist. In fact, all of those roles were opportunities for gays, lesbians, men and women of color that he took for himself. His callous appropriation of such roles deprive others of meaningful work. He's a selfish old white male and Hollywood should stop hiring him. I would circulate a petition, but unlike Marko, I have a life.