Gutfeld: Like a child's diaper, Redford is full of it

It's the 45th anniversary of Watergate, which I guess is like Christmas for liberals. Anyway, Robert Redford wrote about it in The Washington Post. He was in the movie. He is the actor/activist/aging windbag.

Now you'd think the 40th and not the 45th anniversary would be more notable. But President Obama was in power back then and celebrating investigative journalism under his reign would be treasonous. That's when reporters happily went into hibernation, becoming as I call it, Obamatose, i.e. comatose under Obama.

Now Redford calls for "brave journalism" in order to restrain the power hungry. How odd that this is only when his side is out of power. But like a child's diaper, Redford is full of it.

The press is louder and busier than ever. Who the hell is trying to shut them up or down? With Trump, journalists are actually rediscovering their job. He's made them great again, because they hate him so much. I mean, what would Redford be doing or the media entertainment cabal be doing in general if Hillary were president? Nothing. Or rather, nothing on her. They'd have to return to bashing cops and labeling everybody racist.

So Robert can warn the world that the press is in danger, but Trump proves him wrong by the endless media frenzy his election has caused. And by comparison, Trump exposes what shameless shills they were for so long under Obama -- coveting, not covering a president. Maybe Redford can make a movie about that. Call it "Love Story."