A new poll shows that 80 percent of voters are disgusted by this election. Wow, that's low. But it's no surprise this election has slimed everyone. Hard-working party people were recast as evil establishment, then blamed for not coming home. Conservative and evangelical leaders who mocked you for not being pure enough exchanged their principles for star power, their flock betrayed. The alt right hairy-palmed virgins turned Twitter into a creep hazard.

And then there's the media, clearly in the tank for ratings. So much so they gave one guy more free media than God. And now they're shocked he won.

And there's the candidates, both as jarring as a prostate exam with unclipped fingernails.

But tomorrow, whoever wins, life is going to go on. It's OK. Remember, when JFK was shot, that was a big deal. When Nixon resigned, that was a big deal. But we still went back to work. Everything was OK.

So relax. No one's going to change your life as much as the people around you. We've seen worse. Did you catch the "Ghostbusters" remake?

And don't worry liberals, if Trump wins, it could have been Ted Cruz. Trump's a commie by comparison. And righties, President Hillary will be so marred by scandal, she'll just be happy to sit in meetings, bomb something, then nap. So if Trump wins, he'll be more liberal, and if Hillary wins, she'll become less.

And as for us talking heads, we win even if our guy loses. If Trump wins, the left has a punching bag. If Hillary wins, so does the right. The fact is, it's just easier to scream at the enemy than it is to own your own embarrassments.