According to Newsweek, which still exists, thousands of concerned citizens will commemorate the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump's election by screaming helplessly to the sky. Screaming helplessly to the sky. I'm not kidding. It's both sad and fantastic: "sadtastic," if you will.

The November 8 event, which some 4,000 Facebook users have already RSVP'd, might be the most energy they expend that day. So good for them. The event will be held at nine locations as a reminder that they aren't alone in their year-long rage bender.

While accomplishing nothing, hopefully this comical eruption of pathetic desperation will make them feel better. Everyone could use a good cry now and then.

And I salute them, for with their screams, they admit the roots behind their rage: pure emotion no longer tethered to rational thought. This action reflects the broken, fragile psyche of the modern adult toddler, appearing physically fully grown but emotionally stunted.

I also wish to thank them for congregating in specific places that will leave the other parks, streets and shops free for one afternoon from their repetitive moaning. Although I might stop by just to serve them some free refreshments. If I remember correctly, Gerber's makes a great sweet potato puree.