Gutfeld: Is the proverbial poop hitting Hillary's fan?

With five days left, is the proverbial poop hitting the fan?

You just heard Bret Baier on the latest news; will it make a difference? What if the emails found on Weiner's laptop did come from Hill's server? And what if there were new discoveries that had classified info?

One of Baier's sources claims that Hill's server had been hacked with info stolen by "at least five foreign intel agencies." If true, how will Hillary beat this rap? With this rap by her pal Lena? She must be working for Trump. Seriously, that's so bad it could turn Chelsea into a NeverHillary. And sorry, Lena, the gender card has been so played out, it's falling on deaf, pierced ears.

Look, if you already hate Hillary, this new stuff won't change things. And if you already hate Trump, this won't make you love him. Battle lines are drawn, nothing sticks. But it seems like the truth is now the bull in Hillary's china shop. Remember, Nixon was pretty cocky too, up until he wasn't.

Events are now dictating the news, not the other way around. So even the edgiest celeb and a sympathetic media can't help.

Now, you'd expect Hillary to explain things. But perhaps, she's just speechless. And maybe, like everyone else she knows, she'll simply take the Fifth.

Or drink one.