Gutfeld: Hillary Clinton only looks out for one woman

They're shouting "female," to hide the email. In a desperate defense of Hillary, some claim the email probe is an attack on women.

Berkeley professor Robin Lakoff claims it's "not about emails," it's about men not believing women should be "engaging in high-level communication." Sorry, Robin, your tragic plea is about as high-level as a worm's burp.

Meanwhile, President Obama -- remember him? -- is already forecasting more sexism, even if Hillary wins!


SAMANTHA BEE, 'FULL FRONTAL' HOST: What do you think the female equivalent will be to "you weren't born in this country"?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I think the equivalent will be "she's tired, she's moody, she's being emotional"… when men are ambitious it's just taken for granted. Well, of course they should be ambitious. But when a woman is ambitious, why? That theme, I think will continue throughout her presidency and it's contributed to this notion that somehow she is hiding something.


Dude, she is hiding something!

Apparently, Team Hillary knew Anthony Weiner was sexting a high schooler back in 2011. That's huge, for they did nothing. I mean, Hillary's just one step removed from Weiner. She should've told Huma it's either him or me. But she didn't. They covered for the twerp. Which is why Weiner was able to continue and go even younger, allegedly sexting a 15-year-old.

The lesson: Hillary only looks out for one woman. Herself.

And isn't that a real example of sexism? That a teenage girl getting sexts from a creep is ignored because the creep has connections? Call it birds of a feather: Hillary protected Bill by shaming his victims; here she and Huma ignore another female victim -- both scenarios driven by self-preservation, and power.

It just goes to show you, where Hillary is concerned it's the women, never the men, who get screwed.