Gutfeld: Griffin's latest outburst isn't shocking, it's sad

Now we all know Kathy Griffin will do anything for attention, except apparently be funny. So she has to rely on shock value to get attention from those who still think Marilyn Manson is edgy. She embarrasses herself each New Year's eve on CNN, alongside a giggly Anderson Cooper who certainly knows his crap.


JEFFREY LORD, TRUMP SUPPORTER: I don't care what he says to the Russians.


LORD: I mean, he is the President of the United States. If he wants to say that, Barack Obama wants to say whatever, if George Bush says I look in his eyes, whatever --

COOPER: If he took a dump on his desk, you would defend him.


Oh, Mr. Pooper.

So comedy is not their thing, maybe why Griffin is now embracing tragedy. What we are going to show you is disturbing, so if there are kids in the room, tell them to go get you a beer. Here is Griffin in a photo shoot holding a mock, decapitated head of President Trump.

There is also the behind the scenes video. So brave, so edgy.

Her defense: She considers this art, the kind of reflects Trump's impact. I suppose I can say the same about Griffin by simply pointing to the contents in any bus station public toilet. But if you are mentally stable -- unlike Griffin -- you will see this for what it is. First, it is a beheading of the president. Imagine how CNN would react if it were President Obama or Hillary Clinton, done by someone here. Brian Stelter's lip would be extra sweaty -- if that's indeed possible.

But Griffin's art also mocks those murdered by ISIS. The joke is deliberately linked to those beheadings. The joke is not just on Donald's head, but on theirs as well. So sure, call it art. But we know what it is. It is a cop-out. You are milking attention through an infantile effort to enrage. So, if we get mad, you win. So we should shrug instead. I would say Kathy should hang her head in shame, but she must know what shame is first.