Gutfeld: Grads heckle education secretary

So you want to talk about bravery, the difference between standing alone and predictable groupthink? Role this please. Compare Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, giving a commencement speech and then the students at Bethune-Cookman University where she was on Wednesday:


EDUCATION SECRETARY BETSY DEVOS: I am honored to become a wildcat.


DEVOS: And it's a real honor and privilege to be with you as we celebrate the Bethune-Cookman University class of 2017.


As DeVos took the podium at this historic black college, many grads turn their back on her, others booed and heckled. Still, she persisted. Not that the left who throw that phrase around would care. They enjoy seeing an outsider get clobbered. See how the media reacted. Mediaite, an industry web site that vomits predictable assumptions said that, quote, maybe DeVos should have taken the hint because of an earlier petition that was circulated against her appearance at the school. Meaning: Don't show up. So there's a solution. If people wish to silence you, stay home. Censorship, approved by the media. Other reporters on Twitter seem to enjoy the mass bullying too.

So imagine if Betsy wasn't Betsy, but Michelle Obama, a Hillary, a Liz Warren, what would be media industry's take then? We know the answer. Because we know the media isn't much different that today's students. After all, campuses are where the intolerant left-wing sausages made and we've just got another glimpse of the assembly line where the cases get filled.