Gutfeld: Free speech still under attack on college campuses

Last Thursday at Middlebury College in Vermont, writer Charles Murray and Professor Allison Stanger were attacked by a violent mob of left-wing creeps out to stop Murray from a planned lecture.


PROTESTERS: Shut it down! Shut it down! Shut it down! Shut it down!


Stanger was hospitalized with injuries. We contact the college over their disciplinary response. They just got back to us: two pages of nothing.

But without real action against those who use violence to silence speech, the next step has to be anarchy. And you think I'm kidding? Consider this one question: What is the intervening step between silence and violence? It's words. Without words, it's a simple leap from calm to calamity. Before language, cavemen simply grunted and then they used the club. Communication changed that. It's the mechanism that created civilization and prevents its own destruction.

But now it's the left who wish to go back. Do you ever see a right-wing kid violently jumping lefty speakers? On campus, you either have silent appeasement or a bruise.

It used to be that discourse was a college staple. You could hold a lively debate and even when it got hot, it was respectful. But now how many speakers have been forced to cancel? Did you lose count? Was it due to bad weather? No, it was the threat of harm. It's either silence or it's violence. This has to be stopped before it becomes the norm.

Imposing a cost like expulsion on violence isn't suppressing speech. It's the very opposite. Someone higher up better find their spine soon or they will be next and suddenly their allies will be the very people that they mocked for years.