Gutfeld: Faced with crisis, Hillary plays her one-hit wonder

She's using females to hide the e-mails. As a classified e-mail count explodes and Hillary's poll numbers shrivel like a nude beach during a cold snap, all that's left is the sexist card. Witness a new pro-Hillary mailing that states -- quote -- "All 26 Republican candidates have pledged to block access to health care, oppose equal pay for women and have worked to restrict access to the ballot box." Now that's about as false as Hillary's laugh.

I love that. But when in crisis, the war on women is Hillary's one-hit wonder. It's ice, ice baby, what this Vanilla Ice of candidates must play at fairgrounds so they'll remember her. The problem is it's old, it's a lie and it exposes the truth about Hillary's own war on women. Remember: Women working for Hillary made 16 grand less per year than men from 2002 to 2008. Her defending women are like termites defending wood.

But now she'll conflate the horror over baby harvesting with a war on women: a lie, but if fetuses can't vote, who cares? And now she says the e-mail scandal is all politics. This from a Clinton, a creature so political she sneezes Saul Alinsky. She claims she didn't know e-mails were classified, but come on, if you didn't know the gun was loaded, why did you wipe it clean and throw it in the river?

Exchanging national security for personal secrecy is not just calculated deception, but an entitled, lawless arrogance. And now, get this, we find that Hillary's e-mail firm was run from an apartment with its servers in the bathroom. It all makes sense. Her campaign is literally in the toilet.