Gutfeld: Don't call it a comeback, Hillary

So like a rested and ready Big Foot, Hillary Clinton told folks in Pennsylvania that she's ready to come out of the woods. So is this the comeback that America wants? You know, we love it when great bands get back together, but not Limp Bizkit. Not Hoobastank.

Hillary announcing a return, it's like the bird flu announcing a return of the bird flu. Or McDonald's relaunching the Arch Deluxe. Or MSNBC bringing back Brian Williams. Really?

We're living in a reverse episode of "In Search Of," where the vanishing creature keeps looking for you. The Loch Ness monster at least played hard to get. Hillary plays "won't go away." She's the yeti who wouldn't leave. Well, unless of course, she's running for office; then she disappears.

But she announced she's back in Lackawanna, Pennsylvania. True, she did beat Trump there, but he won the entire state; and she lost it because she was MIA. She thought she had it in the bag.

So now she says, hey, you'll be seeing a whole lot more of me. That's the worst thing a loser can say. It's like Rachel Maddow holding up a wad of old government forms she found in a dumpster behind Trump Tower and saying, "Hey, you'll be seeing a whole lot more of these." It's like the husband who promises to do more work around the house after he's caught with an intern, then hires an intern to help him do more work around the house.

So PA voters, if you think you're seeing things, you're not. That really is Hillary wearing L.L. Bean, chugging a Yuengling at the local, dropping references to Franco Harris. Suddenly the deplorables don't look so deplorable any more.