Gutfeld: Donald Trump's climate change head fake

Leo DiCaprio met with Donald Trump yesterday to talk clean energy, meaning anything that can't fuel Leo's jet. It raises this question: How did Leo get here from Cali? Did he ride in on a horizontal solar-powered windmill animated by unicorn flatulence?

Leo gave Trump a copy of his climate flick, which has more holes in it than a peewee golf course. Yes, this is what we need: A jet-setting yacht-lounging actor telling us how to live. It's odd that Leo is in Trump Tower especially after who was there: the climate bigfoot himself, Al Gore. I thought the point of Trump was to reverse this pretentious parade of elitist planet propagandists?

So what's the deal? Perhaps welcoming these climate kooks to offset her dad's skepticism. Remember, climate change is the one arena where the scientific method -- the testing and modification of theories -- is actually scorned. Infected by political ideology, if you dare question climate models, your career is done. But it's not that climate change doesn't exist. It's the irrational action linked to climate models that's bad and Leo loves those models.

But wait. Donald Trump just picked fossil fuel ally Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. Nancy Pelosi says Pruitt must be blocked for the sake of our planet and our children. Bernie Sanders agrees. The left is flipping out. So it's a good choice.

Talk about a head fake. Somewhere Al Gore is fuming, which only creates more global warming.