Gutfeld: Does Alec Baldwin deserve a pass from advertisers?

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Alec Baldwin threatened a British writer who reported that his wife was tweeting at the funeral for James Gandolfini.

Rather than let it go, Baldwin Tweeted death threats and homophobic slurs--calling the writer a toxic little queen.

Then, he shut his account down.

That's 3 times now.

He's pulled that plug more than Kevorkian at a rest home.

So, yeah, Alec's a pig who relishes shaming others while behaving in a way that would make a corpse blush.

But even a pig can find a truffle. And Alec may be right--his wife's Tweets might not have been published during the funeral.

But the gay slur?

I see Alec in a lot of bank commercials. Does he deserve a pass by Capitol One?

The way Paula Deen did not? Her slur was decades ago--his, however is as pungent as a soiled diaper,

And so fresh after a victory for gay marriage.

But more important. What's become of us? Alec throws a Twitter tantrum, knee deep in his sixth decade--

Has 60 become the new 12--the reverse maturity of the modern male that turns all of us into mean girls at a slumber party?

Men in Hollywood these days are either beta males or babies.

Worse, in the past week, we've heard the n-word, creepy ass cracker and little queen--words that offend every group.

Hooray---I guess. We're all equal.

Maybe it's time to give up trying to shame every slur, and celebrate imperviousness.

Forget black, white, gay or straight--a thick skin is something we all could have in common.

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