Gutfeld: Did outsourcing help make America great again?

You got to hand it to the Russians: They're so Russian. According to the CIA, that big lovable bear of a country tampered with our elections to help Mr. Trump win. Now, there's no evidence of coordination. Without that, this is just suspicion. There may be proof they tried to do it, but none that they succeeded.

But let's be honest: How would we react if the situation were reversed and Hillary had won thanks the Putin? It will be all-out war around here. I ain't kidding. Trump would be screaming and of course the media would dismiss it. That's the nature of team sports politics, which prevents us from seeing that a foreign power may have subverted our system and we know that's wrong. But maybe we don't care that it's wrong because our side won. Trump. Who cares, right?

Here's why you should. What else might the Russians have that they didn't release? They hacked to get Trump in. What did they hack to control him? But maybe it's not about control at all but chaos. If Russia is shown to tamper with our election and one half of America demands a new election, you get demonstrations and riots and perhaps bloodshed. Russians do this stuff in their sleep.

Look, it's fine to side with the bad guy to beat another bad guy. We sided with Russia to beat Hitler and it might help in dealing with ISIS, as well. But do you side with a bad guy to beat an American candidate? How truly ironic is that? To make America great again we outsourced.