Gutfeld: Carter defends Trump against media

Well, this is awkward.

In an interview with the New York Times, Jimmy Carter says the media has been more brutal on Donald Trump than any president in recent memory. Carter is 93, so that covers a lot of ground. But don't take his word for it. Harvard, no fan of Trump either, analyzed news coverage of his first 100 days and found that the president received unsparing coverage without a single topic where coverage was more good than bad.

But you've got to give Jimmy credit for saying what will tick off the strident chords in his party and media. Carter nails the loudest critics for questioning Trump's sanity, which will no doubt cause them to question Carter's sanity too. But the side benefit of being an old fogey: You don't care. You can say what you want, which usually means the truth. At 93, it's not like you need any more friends or a job recommendation or an invitation to Brian Stelter's book party. If it upsets the crybaby news network, that's life.

The point Carter is making, that whether you like Trump or not, it's impossible for one man to be everything his haters say he is. Instead, it reflects the irrational emotion on their side not actual facts or deeds. Even Carter admits Trump's actions may lead to progress on immigration and even offered to help him with North Korea.

So J.C. is saying not his pals want to hear, but what America should hear: That Trump may not have been your choice for president, but he's your president. Talk about a reasonable Democrat. He may be the last one left.