Gutfeld: Blue lives matter

Last night, Police Officer Randolph Holder was shot and killed chasing a gunman during a gang battle in Harlem, New York. This five-year veteran displayed the usual sacrifice seen from law enforcement: running at trouble, not away. And chances are whoever is being approached isn't an honor student with a bright future.

The officers' response is always under fire. Figuratively in the media, but literally in the street. You can thank gangs, who always get a pass from our loudest outrage merchants. Recipients of tolerance welfare, gangs are viewed as cultural, not criminal.

Holder's killer had been arrested 15 times and was on the street due to a program made to shrink the prison population. Keep that in mind when you hear of overcrowding. The solution isn't catch and release. It's build, catch, then keep.

Whoever called 911 was likely a law-abiding, terrified minority. Holder, a minority, died in a place where his job mattered most, Harlem. He was the fourth city officer killed in the last 11 months. Nationwide, 101 officers have been killed this year, a 50 percent jump from last year.

True, we do live in safer times, yet we cannot deny an atmospheric change. As a subversive crusade against law enforcement rages, the callow media trains new generations to hate those who die to protect us.

Finally, Holder was an immigrant who took a tough job confronting thugs lucky enough to be born here. Countries often send us their best, only to deal with our worst.