Gutfeld: Attacks reveal Europe's warped idea of assimilation

After a thousand Arab men and North African men sexually assaulted dozens of women in Cologne -- a German city -- on New Year's Eve, its mayor, Henriette Reker, has a solution. She told women to stick together. Don't get split up, even if you're in a party mood.

Well, thanks for that, Henriette. And when terrorists start shooting into clubs, be sure to wear bulletproof vests. When suicide bombers try to blow up a restaurant, wear body armor at dinner, especially on your head, even if it means taking your bouillabaisse through a straw.

Oh yes, the European version of assimilation. Instead of arrivals acclimating to its host city, it's the citizen that must bend to the mob. And what's the best emasculated Europe can do? Hey women, watch out for the rapists, travel in groups -- like that's stopped them before. At least 60 victims were sexually violated by the encircling angry goons. And it was planned. The men tossed firecrackers into the crowd as another pile of fiends assaulted the distracted women. If it sounds familiar, it should. The Arab Spring was a rape-fest, as mobs isolated and assaulted women. No one got arrested. Now this practice, somehow, has been exported to Germany.

So is this behavior, the product of a misogynistic system that sees women as chattel, forced to dress, behave and obey according to men? Well, ask any prominent American feminist, she'd probably say no. After all, these men aren't Republicans.