Gutfeld: As Oroville dam crumbled, where was Jerry Brown?

So California's Oroville dam is in crisis, I wonder. Where was Jerry Brown? Sorry, let me rephrase that: Where the hell was Jerry Brown? Was he watching the Grammys with a box of Kleenex? Hillary Clinton is more visible than this Yeti and she doesn't run anything but a lame Twitter account.

Imagine if out-of-town Brown were a Republican. During the Flint water crisis everyone wanted the Republican governor to go to jail. But no one is doing that to Jer-Jer Binks, which is odd when you consider officials were warned about problems with the dam years ago.

Which is why Trump should get ahead of this. Have people on the ground, even if it's to hand out blankets. As Rahm Emanuel once said, never let a crisis go to waste, and Trump saving the asses of incompetent bureaucrats who put sanctuaries before security -- it's just too rich. Especially since the press already blames Donald Trump anyway. You've got to check out this headline: It reads "The Oroville Dam Crisis Exposes the Flaws in Trump's Infrastructure Plan."

Only in a left-wing loony bin like California can a massive disaster that's been building for years under bloated, incompetent state governance be blamed on a guy who's been in power for 24 days.