Gutfeld: Are Republicans about to elect a loser?

Today is a big day. What America and the world have been waiting for. That's right, Justin Bieber's birthday.


JUSTIN BIEBER, SINGER: I really never thought, you know, we'd get to this level. I never expected any of this, so I definitely feel blessed. I just take it day by day. I try not to take myself too seriously. And I just have fun.


BIEBER: It's crazy that I have so many fans that will appreciate me that much. It really gives me -- I'm like, I wish that I really could love someone that much.

Just think that there's so much power in being young and stuff like that.

I'm on. Hola. Peace.


Peace, indeed. Truly a treasure, he turns 22 today. Just think, in 13 years, he can run for president. I know, I know, he's from Canada. That's not stopping Ted Cruz. Am I right, Donald?

But it's Super Tuesday, with Trump way ahead. I'm thinking, let's just call this thing. Cancel the other primaries and general elections. Just anoint him now, saves lot of time. And maybe saying that will keep him from suing me.


DONALD TRUMP, R-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: We're going to open up the libel laws. So when they write falsely, we can sue the media and we can get this story corrected and get damages.

I would absolutely work to open up the libel laws. If you write something that's wrong, and at least, knowingly wrong but wrong, a person like me and other people can bring a lawsuits to have it corrected and to get damage.


TRUMP: The press is amazingly dishonest, OK? The press is a real problem in this country.


Go after the real enemy, the press. Doesn't Donald realize that's my stick? Last night, Trump told Hannity the two FNCers Steve Hayes and Karl Rove, they should go. Get lost.

So did Trump's know they might be ushering in a second boss? One who thinks he can fire you like a mouthy apprentice or reward you with a pat on the head on Twitter? He's like a baseball team owner who also wants to coach, but who also attracts fans, like David Duke, and now anti-semi Louis Farrakhan who also gave Trump odd praise.

Now maybe this is not Trump's fault, but he is truly a unifier getting white and black racist leaders to agree on one thing -- him. Not to mention the Democrats. A CNN poll shows both Bernie and Hillary beating Trump in the general.

Are Republicans about to elect a loser? Who knows, but at least we can say it felt great. Then in 2032, we can nominate Justin Bieber and start all over again.