Gutfeld: Anyone surprised by Millennials' failure to launch?

Here's a new fact courtesy of the folks at Pew: More young men are living at home with their parents rather than living with their spouse at their own place. It's true: 35 percent of male Millennials live with mom and dad compared with 28 percent living with a wife or a partner that leaves another 37 percent living alone, probably with a cat.

Now, you could blame this on no job prospects, no desire to relocate or mom's meatloaf and this lifestyle does have pluses. Someone cooks and cleans for you. It's like marriage in the Victorian era. Those were the days. But are we really surprised by this?

This is the era of the pajama boy: Fully paid health care until 26; texting instead of talking; Twitter as your social life; video games as activity; pornography as your romantic contact. The world now comes to you, so why go anywhere?

The pursuit of happiness has now become the surrender to happiness. Ready gratification reduces the need for spouses and it's recursive. The more likely you stay unmarried, the more likely you aren't marriage material.

But maybe this extended stay is caused by something else: life. In the 1880s, most young adults lived with a spouse, but also died before hitting 40. So you had to get everything in, love, war, marriage, kids. Really long black beards. But now we live four decades longer, hence this longer stay at home phase.

Seriously, why go out when it's still so early? It's so much better to show up fashionably late even when it's to your own life.