Gutfeld: A BFD on the border

In the first month of the Trump presidency, illegal border crossings dropped 40 percent

So, in the first month of the Trump presidency, illegal border crossings have dropped 40 percent in a period when you usually see an uptick of 20 percent. That's about 31,000 to roughly 19,000 people. To paraphrase Joe Biden: this is a BFD -- a big fabulous deal.

Seriously, we just slashed bad behavior nearly in half in a month. That is like Keith Olbermann losing 40 percent of his brain cells since Trump got elected or Michael Moore losing a chin in 30 days or Hilary losing Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in one day. It's what you call an achievement. And one that would be big news if there weren't other big news shooting into space like a t-shirt canon every 12 minutes.

The fact is if you want stricter border enforcement, just announcing that idea can do half the job. The blind eye, once turned, is now wide open and it's staring right back at you. Now that illegals know the welcome mat is gone, why take the trek? Certain capture becomes, in a way, its own wall.

So, get this: It's now is hard to get into America as it is to get into Mexico. Think about who this really helps and hurts. It hurts the ruthless coyotes who victimize the people they transport here and it helps the folks who are no longer abused and raped by these ghouls.

Trump just made Mexico great again. It's a shame that such success is overshadowed by early-morning tweets. But maybe it's a good thing: While the media gets bogged down in words, deeds quietly get done. Maybe that's been the strategy all along.