Growing fears of homegrown terror in US after attack in Canada

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Greg Gutfeld along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Bob Beckel, Eric Bolling, and she wants be the cricket in arm wrestling, it's Dana Perino. This is "The Five."

Today, The New York Times ran a long list of lone wolf terrorists. It's a who's who of losers, all who have something in common. Yep, you guessed it, they're Virgos. Actually they're all radical Muslims, but also they're worthless wusses, toads incapable of productivity, worms embracing evil because it offers comfort to their unquenchable envy and bitterness. That's what a death cult is: an off-ramp from gnawing obscurity. Which is why naming them rewards them and mocking such human garbage is all they really deserve.

Which brings me to two quick points. Lone acts of terror by human garbage shouldn't affect our country's strength. The ideology, of course is deadly, but the threat is small and crushable, but only if we reject the cowardly cloak of modern tolerance. We slip out of that straitjacket and these ghouls lose their protective coating. What holds us back is phony outrage, Islamophobia phobia exploited by these fiends.

Second, if terrorists want us dead, then keeping them here makes absolutely no sense. Both of these fiends who killed Canadians this week, had their passports revoked. But why? If they wish to leave this country to bang goats, why not let them? That's one less psycho here. But blocking their exodus here means they'll hit us here. So unless we round up the bad guys, which violates their rights, we might as well hasten their exit. It's my "adopt a martyr" program. We pay the fare and blast their ass to Jupiter when they land. Call it space travel. I'll even spring for first class.

Eric, this is a thing that I don't understand.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Go to Bolling on that.


(CROSSTALK) GUTFELD: You revoke passports which keeps -- you keep them from joining terrorists, which I get. But it's kind of half enforced because we don't do anything to them when they're here.


GUTFELD: Like we don't put them away, so why don't we just let them go and kill them over there?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Yeah, I guess the theory is revoke their passports, follow them around, listen to what they say, listen to the chatter.


BOLLING: Try and see if you can open up the -- you know, pull the layers of the onion back.


BOLLING: And see if you can find a bigger terror plot. I just find it very fascinating that, the process, so these, these attack, the terror attack happens yesterday. Yesterday, the Canadians call it terror, right? Immediately, right away. Then we find out that this, this, this guy had some -- he converted to Islam, et cetera, et cetera, had some issues, passport was revoked. But why is it so hard for us to do the same thing? Why is it such in, in off limits thing, that we've say, when a guy stands up and yells Allah for kills 14 people, 13 or 14, depending on where you are, but the unborn child.


BOLLING: Fourteen people -- I am, yells Allah for deaths, they keep calling that terror, that's workplace violence. Have they declared the Oklahoma City beheading terror yet? Have they done that yet? I don't know, no, they haven't, right? But meanwhile, they're more than willing to support the Canadians calling it terror within hours of the terror attack.

GUTFELD: Yeah. Don't get it, it's weird. Bob, remember yesterday, we're talking about how there were several sources of chatter among these radical groups and yet we have one mentally ill person, I believe his mentally ill, who acted alone. In a way, isn't that good news? The fact that maybe there was chatter and they only got one weirdo to act?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Well, first of all, what did you say that it was the goat's (ph) thing before?

GUTFELD: Nothing.

BECKEL: OK. The one thing these people have in common, all of them as far as I can tell reading through their bios is that, they're all criminals. I mean, they all have served time or they got, they got long criminal record.

GUILFOYLE: have criminal contact, terrorist.

BECKEL: Yeah, criminal. Yeah, and so I'm wondering whether, you usually when you find people to do these lone attacks, you generally find people like Timothy McVeigh, right? Who did this stuff in the Oklahoma City bombing, these are unstable people. I don't think these are the kind of people you would put, if you were the leadership of ISIS, in charge of doing this.

BOLLING: Did you forget the other common thread, Islam, not only the criminal link, but there is a common thread that Greg points. The thing how is this, not even us, The New York Times points out, and they go through them and they have an Islamic background, Islamic either they were brought up through the Islamic religion or converted to Islam. What about that one?

BECKEL: Well would.

BOLLING: And why it by the way, why did you pick.

GUTFELD: That's a pure coincidence.

BOLLING: Why did you pick McVeigh of all the incidences that could have occurred, they could've picked over the last 17 years, you went back to McVeigh.

BECKEL: That was the most outrageous, atrocious attack and more people died and you realize its children. That's why the McVeigh, it was the right wing kook. (ph)

GUTFELD: Bob, Kimberly, it seems to me that the ISIS strategy here is to rely on copycats of isolated losers. Like they're like galvanizing spree killers.

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: That these have nothing to go for, so it's not really organized, it's insightful, it gets people going.


PERINO: You know.

GUILFOYLE: And ISIS probably just assumed by behead these people, too. They don't care about these guys. They care about, OK, let's get all the weirdoes to go ahead, whether they self radicalize or not and let them go ahead and commit acts of terror in the United States. My big problem with this is, is one, the fact that we cannot affirmatively call this what it is, an act of terrorism. I really have a problem with them saying, workplace violence, like in the case of Major Nidal Hasan. You are missing the whole point and it weakens our country when you do that, because we have to stand up to terrorism and put a stop to it. And the first thing you should do is label it correctly, just with that being said.

GUTFELD: Having -- I want to go to this tweet from Christopher Hayes, who I believe is on another network, I'm not sure, but the local.

PERINO: Never seen it.

GUTFELD: Yeah, it's I think he anchor in Alaska.

BOLLING: Orchestra in his basement.

GUTFELD: Yes, he creates -- tweeted this, he said, "That awkward moment when you're sitting around waiting to find out the shooter's religion because it will determine how big a story it is." Dana, does not reflect how the media is so fearful of linking terror to ideology?


GUTFELD: At least he's being honest.

PERINO: He is. But remember, when the Colorado mass murder happened?


PERINO: It was Brian Ross of ABC news who immediately said, "Oh, he is a member of the tea party."


PERINO: And then it turned out that he wasn't. But they were looking for it.


PERINO: When they think its tea party, then they have no problem going ahead and remain (ph).



PERINO: When it's Islam, then there is this Islamophobia Phobia that prevents them from just going full bore after them.


PERINO: And the other thing about these guys that are -- we're talking about, the types of people this Lone Wolf that is susceptible to radicalization, terrorists prey upon people who are weak,


PERINO: And feel helpless and despondent.

BOLLING: Losers.

PERINO: Well, losers that also people who feel that they have no hope. This is one of the reasons I'm very concerned about a story that doesn't get a lot of attention, and that is the refugee camps in Jordan that are result of the Syrian war. You have millions of people now living in camps.


PERINO: That they could end up being there for years. What happens during those years when you're a formative.

GUTFELD: You're nothing.

PERINO: Young person. The only thing that you think can actually help you get out of your situation is, Jihad.


PERINO: And I think that the United States and other western, western civilization has an obligation to show them that there's a better way.


BECKEL: Let's remember.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, those are most Jihad.

BECKEL: Hamas grew as a result of recruitment in the camps --

GUTFELD: But did 9/11 hijackers, did they come from refugee camps?

PERINO: No, no.


GUTFELD: They were well educated.

BOLLING: And well funded for that matter.


BOLLING: Can we just point something out, Greg. We said that both of these attacks in Canada, the passports were revoked. We know Monday the passport was revoked. I think there may be some questions to whether the second one yesterday, his passport was revoked in the garbage (ph) or we get that in.

GUTFELD: OK, cool. I want to go to this amazing tape, Kevin. With every cowardly attack, there's always a hero. And in this case Kevin Vickers of parliamentary sergeant at arms, shot dead the attacker. This is him entering parliament -- this is today, I believe.


GUILFOYLE: Aftershock.

GUTFELD: This is coming in to a standing O. This guy is an amazing dude. Probably prevented --


GUILFOYLE: Mass murder.

GUTFELD: Mass murder, by acting fast and shooting that guy. And I would like to think for every Nathan Cirillo, there will be 100 ISIS heads on stakes.

BECKEL: Do you know what he is carrying is? I'm just curious.

GUTFELD: Is that called a scepter? I don't know.

BECKEL: Is it a cane?

BOLLLING: You know, he was part of Canadian law enforcement for something like 30 years and never fired.


BOLLING: Never fired his weapon once in that 30 years and this is the first time he fired it at someone and at this.

GUILFOYLE: He's also protected foreign dignitaries and members of the royal family but this is a person that showed the courage and you know strength and right away acted, thank God, because just like how many yards away there was about 100 members of parliament including the P.M. so can you imagine him -- that's what he got with the guy was headed.

GUTFELD: Let's go to the -- show some tape of the prime minister calling the events of yesterday terror.


STEPHEN HARPER, PRIME MINISTE ROF CANADA: Fellow Canadians, in the days to come, we will learn more about the terrorists and any accomplices he may have had. But this week's events are a grim reminder that Canada is not immune to the types of terrorist attacks we have seen elsewhere around the world.




BOLLING: Thank, God. He was willing to do that. Now, if he can only get our own president to do the same thing our own administration to do the same thing. Because when you do call it terror, when you define it as terror, you open up a whole different level of assets. You can get a joint terror task force involve, you don't have to, you know -- have worry about the accused of lawyering (ph) up and not rules of evidence and speedy trials and what not. Call it terror when it's terror, if it ends up and it's not terror, then go ahead and make the change. Am I right Kimberly?

KIMBERLY: You're absolutely right. That's what I'm saying, we weaken our position as a country because we're cutting ourselves off also in the legal system and with counterintelligence assets when you sit there and call it workplace violence. It's not some irritated guy that you work with every day (ph) this is someone who specifically is radicalized and committing these acts to effectuate a purpose.

BECKEL: Do you think maybe there's a reason or purpose they did that legally?


BECKEL: I'm just curious. I don't know, I'm just answering the question. BOLLING: No.

GUILFOYLE: No, they're actually it no good political reason.

BOLLING: There's no, I think this is a political reason.


BOLLING: I think there's a good political reason not to call it terror, so you can say there are no terror attacks under my watch.

BECKEL: I'd like.

BOLLING: Especially if prior to re-election.

BECKEL: Well, but I think they have that they have identified some others as terrorists, right, so why do it for one and not the other. I'm just curious, I don't know. I just want.


PERINO: Like the Tsarnaev brothers.


PERINO: Was an act of terror.

BECKEL: Right. Anyone?

PERINO: Right.

GUTFELD: But Dana.

GUILFOYLE: But it didn't happen in the workplace they couldn't call it that, could they?

GUTFELD: One of the strange things about this, and it's not to affix blame on Canada at all, but the fact that whenever that ceremonial is linked to a gun, it means it doesn't fire. I mean is that something that is, is, I don't know, should these guards be armed?

PERINO: In Canada?

GUTFELD: Since they're out in public, since they're out in public and they're sitting ducks if they don't have a real gun.


GUTFELD: I mean I'm sure they have a reason not to, but.

PEIRNO: So as an American and having lived in D.C. for a long time and been around a lot of that security, to me that answer seems very obvious. I think what Stephen Harper was trying to tell his nation last night, is that as he said, "We are not immune." And I think -- it is possible that they'll have to make a decision and change some things. I disagree with the notion that we take away our liberties if we actually arm law enforcement. I think that that's what they are there for and they want to be armed. Otherwise they also become the victim.

BECKEL: Does anybody known what tomb of the Unknown Soldier's guards have, the military has their weapons loaded? I mean you have -- I don't know.

GUTFELD: Yeah, neither do I. Probably should look that up. I want to go to another tweet this is from right after the attack. Glenn Greenwald, who is an investigative reporter, Dana Perino almost threw up just by hearing the word, hearing his hand wrote, "Canada, at war for 13 years, shocked that "A Terrorist" attacked its soldiers." Kimberly, what's your initial response to somebody basically saying it's your fault. He also went on in the article to say that terror is such an undefined word or you can't define terror, it's pointless.

GUILFOYLE: Baloney. He should go hang out with the librarians and become a wordsmith, because he's not offering any other redeeming commentary or insight by making a tweet like that. You know, I'm just disappointed that we're still so reluctant and people are writing aside, it shows me their ignorance that they don't fully understand the situation.

PERINO: I think it's a confusion of blaming grievances versus ideology, OK? So what Glenn Greenwald say -- basically saying that is Canada deserved it.


PERINO: That's gun soldier, of course you can get hit because Canada has been tough on terror around the world.


PERINO: So of course, Canada, you deserve it. Versus the -- looking at it from a point of ideology, which is the ideology is that a terrorist is basically seeks to kill an innocent person to advance their political agenda. Those are two different things and I think the better way to look at terrorism is one based on ideology and not grievance, because a grievance tries to explain it away.


PERINO: But it's murder.

GUTFELD: It is. Did you want to say something, Bob?


GUTFELD: OK. I think.

BECKEL: No, I was just, no.

GUTFELD: Alright.

BOLLING: The only thing I could at least, don't know where Glenn Greenwald is coming from with that comment. But I will tell you the ISIS tweet and I mentioned it yesterday, an d that's still, that would apparently what they're doing is they're saying, any of the coalition members who are bombing ISIS, any attack that happens on any of the soil of those independent countries, I think Australia was one, I think there was something that happened somewhere in England.

PERINO: Britain?

BOLLING: Britain maybe as well, and then, this one they're taking credit for it. They say, "We are everywhere. You attack us, we are everywhere."

PERINO: Even if they're not. The Canadians are just using it as propaganda. But, we don't know that, and I actually, I'm curious to find that out, find what sort of chatter do we have and what sort of chatter do we not have, Glenn Greenwald.

GUTFELD: Exactly. Alright, coming up, Chuck Todd complains about Fox news, what else is new? What the whiskered warbler had to say about us this time, next. Look at him.


BOLLING: NBC's Chuck Todd describes himself as a stubbornly neutral journalist. Couple days ago, the Meet the Press host sat down with a radical left wing hack group, media matters, whose sole purpose is to go after organizations like Fox news, he told them this, quote, "I think it's amusing to me, their obsession with trying to make everything about media bias. Whatever stories is out there, there's always some sort of supposed media-bias angle to it." Well, Chuck, here's one of the reasons we have to talk about media bias. You are the pot calling the kettle black. Remember back in 2006 when the media had this to say during the midterm elections when President Bush was in office.


(UNKNOWN): When support for the war in Iraq also losing ground, many Republican candidates for office are putting some distance between themselves and the president.

(UNKNOWN): Two weeks from tomorrow, Election Day, and we have new indications it is shaping up to be a very difficult election for Republicans.


BOLLING: Alright, now fast forward to this year, a new media research centers study shows, the network evening newscasts have essentially blacked out bad election news for Democrats. Look at that, in the blue, that was 2006 when George Bush was having a tough time in the midterm election. And in the red -- or in the first case it was zero, mentions in the red, that's President Obama will take around -- and let me start with Dana by the way, you are in the middle of all that. Are you surprised about the lack of coverage of this bad election cycle for President Obama by the major outlets?

PERINO: I am not surprised. They don't shock me anymore. But they can always disappoint me. I am surprised that Chuck Todd would do an interview with media matters. I mean, this is guy who is now the anchor of that seminar program, Meet the Press. And he could do an interview with The New York Times' magazine or GQ magazine, or something like that, but he chose to do something with media matters.

GUTFELD: It's strange.

PERINO: Which I think is strange. I agree he is more neutral than most. But if you just look at that media research center review of the midterms, that basically don't even report on their own poll. A couple of weeks ago, there was a poll that NBC news had about -- that look, that showed Republicans doing well and NBC didn't even report on its own poll.

BOLLING: Right. You know, Greg, and in the midterm, the 2006 midterm, the Democrats split both the House and the Senate. They won out seats different voters, big new story, as good chance Republicans will do it this time but, no one is talking about it, on mainstream media.

GUTFELD: Because it's depressing to them, it makes them very sad. You have to forgive Chuck Todd, he's been in the belly of the beast so long that the stomach acid has worn down his brain. Perfect example of how media bias works. Yesterday, we did a pretty strong piece on a video in which feminists used young girls to say lewd things for a feminist cause. He didn't cover it. Bu if it was the NRA doing the video, he would have covered it.

PERINO: Definitely.

GUTFELD: That's how bias works. Fox news wasn't created as something to fight liberalism. It was fighting bias, which was a documented fact in this industry that there is bias. That's what makes Chuck Todd so skittish, because he's really the target.

BOLLING: Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, I mean look, this is that -- I don't know why, I think it was beneath him to go and do that interview, I don't understand where was the gain on that. And of course, they don't want to cover anything that takes them away from their happy place, OK. So the thought of losing seats disturbs them greatly. They have sleepless nights, so they're not going to talk about it, how the Republicans have momentum or how they're on target to be able to get seats and this is going to change the dynamics of the political equation. They're not interested in covering that.

BOLLING: If you guys are really, really, fast in control people that little media thing back up, they would graft their Bob, and you can't -- you're a numbers guy. You can't dispute the fact. Look at the numbers.



BECKEL: I can understand why there would be reactions like that, and I don't know Todd -- I don't know this guy, but I would be a little cautious about going on with media matters, for example.

BOLLING: You can talk about that poll.

BECKEL: OK. Let me just say one thing for a second. This election has been wholly the worst election I've ever seen in terms of something positive coming out of either side, they're both to a negative ads, the Democrats are as bad as the Republicans and the only news outlet that I've seen so far is does serious.

BOLLING: You don't want to talk about that graph there, though?

BECKEL: What do you want me to say about it?

BOLLING: And the blue is George Bush, I mean (inaudible) this whole -- his tough midterm election, in the red there's President Obama.

PERINO: When it's bad for Bush, they do a lot of stories. When it's bad for Obama, they bury it. That's the bottom line.

BECKEL: OK, fine. That's the vigorous.

PERIONO: That's the formula.

BECKEL: Yeah, but it's -- so we sit back here and say this and its true.



BECKEL: How many shows -- well, never mind, I'll talk about our own show. But it did nobody has gotten interested in this election, very little coverage, except USA today.

PERINO: No, I think they're trying to suppress voter turnout. And actually polly(ph) would work in President Obama's favor if they covered the races a little bit more.

BECKEL: Only to say that.

PERINO: But, they don't give them a lot to play with. Look at all the embarrassments from the Senate Democratic candidates. Arguably, as bad as some of the things that happened in 2012 with Republican candidates, that embarrassed the Republican Party. Wendy Davis is terrible in Texas. You've got embarrassing situation with Kay Hagan, not even showing up to her own debate here tonight, and this one.

BOLLING: This one. Right here, good transition to switch is now to the midterms, with Democrat in Kentucky Senate raises fighting's back against charges his anti-coalism.


ALISON LUNDERGAN GRIMES, SECRETARY OF STATE OF KENTUCKY: I'm Alison Lundergan Grimes and this is the big sandy power plant in the week (ph) in Kentucky. They're shutting down half the plant and laying off the workers, because Mitch McConnell didn't fight to get the scrubbers it needs to reduce coal emissions. Instead Mitch and his wife pocketed $600,000 from enemies of coal, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I approve this message because the difference between Mitch and me is that I'll fight for these jobs and no New York anti-coal billionaire, will ever buy me off.


BOLLING: Wow. Go ahead K.G.

GUILFOYLE: Well, it's an effective ad if it was true and she was on the other ticket, to so. But, this is you know, what President Obama said, like, "Say whatever you've got to say to get the win." You know, the ends will justify the means.

BOLLING: She's 100 percent -- she's chuckling, but she's.


BECKEL: I mean, who in the -- what party does not say, do what you have to say to get yourself elected. This is politics. This is not bean bag we're talking about here. But this is there's high stakes here and of course you're going to do things like that, of course you going to do.

PERINO: But she's lying. I mean that.


GUILFOYLE: Bob, doesn't care.

PERINO: The Washington post fact checker said that it is the worst ad of a nasty campaign year and Grimes should be ashamed of herself. This is not McConnell saying this, this is the Washington Post fact checker.

BOLLING: Yeah, but.

PERINO: Who is saying this about her?

BOLLING: Now if she has.

BECKEL: I don't know, look.

GUILFOYLE: A hundred. BECKEL: You grab they get like that, you behind, you try -- I've done many of these things before.


GUILFOYLE: You're saying you don't care whatever it takes lie, lie, lie.

BOLLING: You know you get this poll no matter what.

BECKEL: Excuse me. You know, I didn't know there was coming to popes of Norville (ph) here. You way that, you guys come in late, trying to.


GUTFELD: It's amazing, though, when -- if you do a real ad with honesty, that's considered hurtful, like you actually do something about crime, or if you do something about cronyism. The other side -- people will go my God, that's just awful. They don't say it's a lie. But when you lie, it's like, Oh, everybody does it. A politician lying is like a monk chanting, it's what they do.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah. Well then she's trying to confuse the voters, to that, "Oh, yeah, yeah, that's the one that's for coal."


BECKEL: Real quick. I would then think, I wish these guys would poll local news stations and big newspapers in the state. You'll find out that the coverage of this election was terrible everywhere.

BOLLING: Alright. We'll leave it right there.

GUILFOYLE: Not here?

BOLLING: And on The Five, should Americans who are uninformed go out to vote? Does that help or hurt the country? And are uninformed celebrities doing harm to our electorate? That's coming up next.


GUILFOYLE: Well, the midterm elections are now just 12 days away. And it's important to exercise your right to vote. And it's also important to educate yourself on the issues, before making decisions that will directly impact the country. Making smart decisions on who to vote for is difficult. Especially, when all you see are ads like this.




GRAPHIC: Your vote matters, especially when some people plan to overturn Roe v. Wade. Immediately defund Planned Parenthood. Shut down the nation's family planning program. And repeal the Affordable Care Act. Let's send a clear message on Nov. 4th. When women vote, women win!


GUILFOYLE: That's an ad that's been running recently to get people to vote on the issues of abortion and other things -- Dana.

PERINO: OK, so apparently over the last two days, people have been taking something that we talked about the other day on the show completely out of context. It was -- there's a suggestion that, Kimberly, you said that young women shouldn't vote because they're uninformed.

And when I heard about this, I said, wait, she was talking about if you're a prosecutor and you're prosecuting a case and you have to pick a jury, you typically do not pick the young woman, because she won't be the person that you would want on that jury. So you were not saying that. That's true across the board for any sort of prosecutor. So you were not saying that.

This is a woman who last week went to the Latino Stars event in Queens so that she could talk to young people about the importance of being involved in your civic duty.

BECKEL: Who's the idiot that came up with that?

PERINO: Media Matters.

GUILFOYLE: Unfortunately, yes, what they did is they took a headline and said Kimberly Guilfoyle says that young women should not vote. I made a joke, yes, if I wanted to thank and excuse someone from jury service. That is the language you use in the courtroom. They want to go back and do social media, dating websites, fine.

Nothing about voting. I take the right to vote very seriously. I take the right to serve on a jury very seriously, and I think you should be informed when you do both things.

GUTFELD: So you're saying to get out of jury duty, I should cross dress?


GUTFELD: Because I have been, and it hasn't been working.

GUILFOYLE: No, you also have to be young.

GUTFELD: Oh, I'm not young.

BECKEL: Can I say one thing about this? Media Matters lines up on my side politically. And if you're going to do something like this, you've got to be sure you're doing it right.

PERINO: That never enters your mind.

BECKEL: It's not just them; it happens in other places. But I think this one was particularly egregious, because it was exactly opposite of what you're talking about. So get your act together, guys.


GUILFOYLE: Unfortunately -- unfortunately, they made that headline, and the liberal media ran with it and used the headline that they manufactured when there was not one iota of truth in it.

BOLLING: Supposedly the Huff Post picked it up. And again, they must have writers who sit there, let's see what Media Matters puts up that's anti-FOX.

GUILFOYLE: Right, that's what it is.

BOLLING: And let's spread this garbage as far as we can spread it.

GUTFELD: The -- but it does show the lie behind militant feminism in that they will ignore attacks on conservative women like Sarah Palin, pretty vicious attacks that we've seen from comedians like Bill Maher and with Sarah Palin with words we can't repeat.

You rarely see them going after the Islamofascists' physical attacks on women. For example, there was a stoning of a woman yesterday by ISIS for adultery.

GUILFOYLE: And the brothels.

GUTFELD: Yes. And the brothel. That was the big news on the brothel where the women are being raped repeatedly.

They laugh off or dismiss the vile abuse of children in the name of feminism in that video that we talked about yesterday. So these things to them are not in their world.

However, "Ooh, a commentator on a talk show on FOX News. I can take those words and turn it into something outrageous." It's their little Rubik's Cube. That's what they do. They don't care about the real things in life, the things that you actually deal with.

GUILFOYLE: Right. Yes, like crimes against women and children and outreach to minority communities and serving on the board of places like Girlsource when I was back in San Francisco to help out young women in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

My point is you've been given a powerful blessing in life in this country to be able to vote and to be able to sit on a jury, so come equipped, come prepared because you don't want to dilute the votes out there because you were uninformed and you're spoon-fed something that's inaccurate or you don't even bother to equip yourself with the facts, anybody out there. This goes for everyone.

BECKEL: You're going to have a hard time getting these people up to speed on these issues.

Can I just say one thing in defense of these people? Is that every special interest, the last two weeks of an election is going to go to the best message. But they don't focus on Islamophobia. They don't focus on women. They should. But not take -- they've only got one shot at buying these 30-second ads, and they go after the one thing that will probably stir up their voters. So I can't hold that...

GUTFELD: We're not talking about ads. I'm just talking about long- term ideology.

BOLLING: Media Matters, who makes a habit -- it's almost their only focus is attacking FOX and FOX personalities.

GUILFOYLE: And making it up.

BOLLING: Yes. And they'll twist and distort it, as Greg points out. They'll turn some words around and then rewrite the piece to make it look like someone says something.

GUILFOYLE: And they'll put a headline that's totally inaccurate, erroneous, and it's shameful.

BOLLING: Yet -- yet, they call themselves a 501(c)3 or 4 or tax- exempt organization, which is ludicrous.

BECKEL: It's like balancing the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) conservative groups and liberals.

GUILFOYLE: All right. And that is that.

When we come back, is the Obama administration secretly planning to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants? Stay tuned.


PERINO: When the Obama administration released more than 2,000 illegal immigrants from our jails last year, it assured Congress and the American people that those detainees were not dangerous.


JAY CARNEY, FORMER WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: The agency released these low-risk, noncriminal detainees under a less expensive form of monitoring to ensure detention levels stayed within our overall budget. Priority for detention remains on serious criminal offenders and other individuals who pose a significant threat to public safety.


PERINO: But records obtained by USA Today indicate otherwise. Some freed faced very serious charges, including kidnapping, sexual assault, even murder. Today Ed Henry asked White House press secretary Josh Earnest to explain the discrepancy.


ED HENRY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Does the administration have any regrets about telling the Congress, telling the public that we're not releasing people with serious criminal records, and it turns out some of those people were charged with sexual assault and very serious crimes?

JOSH EARNEST, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Ed, I can't speak to individual cases.

What I can tell you is the administration continues to place a priority in ensuring that the American public is protected and is safe.

HENRY: How can you say that when a few -- you know, several months ago Jay Carney said don't worry about it?

EARNEST: Again, I'm not in a position to discuss individual cases.


PERINO: Ed got stiff armed. Immigration and Custom Enforcement acknowledges that it's true but says that those released cases were, quote, by and large dictated by special circumstances outside of the agency's control.

Kimberly, can I ask you about that?


PERINO: Are they talking about other sort of legal maneuvers that these people might have been involved in, which is why they apparently didn't have control over their outcome?

GUILFOYLE: Yes. What they're saying is that somewhere along the way in the process, they lost control of it essentially. I mean, they don't want to say that exactly, but that's what they're inferring. That somewhere in the court system, et cetera, there was a disconnect...

PERINO: Or a deal?

GUILFOYLE: Or a deal made specifically that affected this outcome. Right? But this is how people can slip through and get -- it doesn't matter. It's like Obamacare. It was sloppy. It wasn't ready to go for game time. And this also, I think, was done in a haphazard, reckless way, and all I can think about is, you know, politics being involved here and getting people to support you in the future that you hand out green cards and hand out immigration...

PERINO: Let me ask about -- let me combine this with a question about the green cards. So yesterday it was reported that the Obama administration is planning -- well, they've ordered 34 million work permits and green cards. They've ordered the card stock which requires an RFID chip and everything. And they have to procure this, so they've let out a contract bid asking for people who could supply all of these additional green cards that we may or may not need.

The White House today tried to say, well, that shouldn't imply that the administration is going to do this by executive order. But Bob, that's playing a little fast and loose with the truth.

BECKEL: Yes, it is. But the reality is that they can't do 34 million people. It would be not -- it's just politically impossible. It's also legally impossible, I think, until you have an act of Congress.

But can I just go back to the slipping through the legal system in this country. It happens all the time. This is a very small number of people out of the total universe we're talking about. Yes, some people slip through, and yes, it should have been done better, but it's been going on for 100 years. So I don't understand what...

PERINO: It's OK that Jay Carney told everybody that that wasn't the case?

BECKEL: I don't -- he probably didn't know. I'm not trying to defend Jay Carney. I'm just saying you take any number of these in any administration and there's going to be people slipping through the cracks. I mean, it just happens.

BOLLING: Can I refute that? OK, fine, so maybe he didn't know. Then don't guarantee and promise that it's not going to be high-level criminals like murder, rape, assault, armed robbery. He literally said low-level, possibly some low-level. And he didn't say these were going to be -- the 2,200 with massive records...

BECKEL: They don't all have massive records.

BOLLING: Bob, then don't say anything. Don't make the promise, knowing that very well there's a good chance you're going to be wrong a year later. Why would you do that?

PERINO: That's a great...

BOLLING: Just one final thought. It's OK -- it's bad enough that we let out criminals, hardened criminals, but it's worse that the White House literally said, "We're not going to let out hardened criminals." There's the problem.

PERINO: And that's my question to you, Greg. Which is how can you trust the administration? They're going to want to try to push forward a deal for the 11 million or so that they assume are here, and there will be maybe a debate in Congress or maybe the president will do it himself. But having something like this come out right beforehand doesn't necessarily engender trust.

GUTFELD: How can I trust you?


GUTFELD: This is so hateful. Calling these criminals like kidnappers and murderers, so bigoted. Why use these labels? I mean, they're undocumented transgressors. Get it into your head. These labels, all they do is they smear people, and they're people.

Yes, they're rapists and they're killers and they're kidnappers, but underneath all of that, they're just people like you and me who deserve a chance.

By the way, once again, to get your ideological vision to prevail in America, you have to lie to everybody or you have to hide it. So if you're a liberal, you've got to ask yourself, if you lie to others to prevail, then essentially you are lying to yourself, so why don't you just drop the act and grow up?

BECKEL: What if it's -- what if we're talking about ten people here?

GUTFELD: I don't think we are.

BOLLING: We're not. We're talking about hundreds of people.

BECKEL: How do we know that?

BOLLING: Because there was a study put out, somewhere around 600 have -- have the higher level crimes. Here's why it matters. When they do try and try and do executive, you know, fiat to let -- let's call it five million people, say, right? They're going to say, "Don't worry. We're not going to let the criminals." Clearly, they don't know who the criminals are.

BECKEL: Eric, the chances of getting five million people here is going to be struck down by the courts.

BOLLING: Are they not talking about that?

BECKEL: Right now what they're trying to do is get away from this topic for the elections.


GUILFOYLE: Thank you. Truth serum.

BOLLING: We'll talk about this on November.

BECKEL: Wait a second.

PERINO: Then why do they leak out the fact that they asked for this contract then? I think that was actually to show some appeasement.

BECKEL: I think they're trying to have it both ways when it comes to the Hispanic vote. That's my own guess.

But the other thing is, you know, people are trying to motivate bases here. And everybody says the Republicans are motivated. They are. But you know something nobody ever asks about?


BECKEL: Independents. Independents are a key part of a coalition to win big-time in this country, and nobody has a gauge on what independents are doing, except they know they can't stand the incumbent Congress.

GUTFELD: And it's a fun show to watch on FBN. You should catch it, "The Independents."

PERINO: "The Independents," that's true. Thank you. That was a very nice plug. Pay it forward.

Next, the annual government Wastebook is out, and it's not a funny read but Jimmy Kimmel found a clever way to get us to laugh about it. We're going to hear that next.


JIMMY KIMMEL, LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW HOST: Let's see if you can tell the difference between a real government expenditure from Wastebook and an idea a stoner came up with on his own, OK?

A room full of monkeys playing video games to unlock the secrets of free will. Stoner or government expenditure? And the answer is?


PERINO: When "The Five" return.


BECKEL: Welcome to the fastest one minute and thirty seconds on TV.

The government has a bad habit of spending money on some pretty silly things. Each year Senator Tom Coburn likes to point out that in his annual Wastebook. The 2014 edition was just released.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel came up with a game to see if his audience could tell the difference between a real government expenditure and an idea a stoner came up with. Watch this.


KIMMEL: Room full of monkeys playing video games to unlock the secrets of free will. Stoner or government expenditure? Yes, that was a government expenditure.

Mountain lions on a treadmill. And a real government expenditure.

A metal foil that can keep mountains cold. That was a stoner.

Teaching synchronized swimming to sea monkeys.

GRAPHIC: Expenditure.

KIMMEL: A microchip that can read a cat's emotions. Expenditure? No, it's a stoner.


BECKEL: All right. Eric, this is one of your favorite topics. What do you think?

BOLLING: We don't have a lot of time. But it goes on and on. You could do pages and pages of these ridiculous spending. Yet the NIH says they didn't have enough funding. Maybe that's why Ebola broke out. And 2,200 high-level criminals were released because of cost cuts. It's a joke. It's an absolute joke.

BECKEL: I don't mind saying so, Coburn's list is a joke. This is a guy who's...


BECKEL: Because the guy is not very well pretexted. He starts with $25 billion. I took those lists, and I added them up. I don't come up with anything near that. Now maybe they are. Maybe he's right about that. But in a $1.7 trillion budget...

GUILFOYLE: It's Bob math.

BECKEL: No, it's not Bob math. It's Coburn math from Oklahoma. They do something different there.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, here we go.

BECKEL: Dana, what do you think?

GUILFOYLE: Here we go.

PERINO: Well, I would put Senator Coburn's word up against yours any day. I would put money on that. And I hope that he passes the baton to somebody, because he's leaving Congress, and this has been -- I think it's worthwhile. It's also fun and also shows -- I think ridicule is the way to help change things in government.

GUILFOYLE: It is a good tool, isn't it?

BECKEL: What do you think?

GUILFOYLE: It's effective. Look, it made it on your show.

BECKEL: And we're -- we're down to about 15 seconds. You've got something you want to say?

GUTFELD: Here is the problem with liberals. If you want -- no, Bob.


GUTFELD: If you -- this is -- if you love government so much, then you should be the most vocal over its abuses, right? Rather than defend it, you should discipline it, because you're -- if you're not, then you're like a rotten child that indulges -- a rotten parent that indulges a rotten child. If you love your government, you should want to change it.

GUILFOYLE: And make it better.

BECKEL: That's why -- that's the reason -- that's the reason I was trying to make this point. Is that it is a small amount of money, but every time we have to defend this and they come up with these outrageous things, I would ridicule the budget deficit and come up with outrageous things.

GUILFOYLE: But don't you want to know the truth, if there are abuses in government and there's funds that could be going to other important causes?

BECKEL: "One More Thing" is up next.



GUTFELD: "One More Thing," Bob.

BECKEL: If you wondered why Chris Christie is a dangerous candidate for the Republican presidential nominations, look what he said about minimum wage.


GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R), NEW JERSEY: I've got to tell you the truth. I'm tired of hearing about the minimum wage. I really am. I don't think there's a mother or a father sitting around a kitchen table tonight in America who are saying, "You know, honey, if our son or daughter could just make a higher minimum wage, my God, all our dreams would be realized."


BECKEL: You know something, Governor? There are millions and millions of people who try to get by on minimum wage. They live in poverty.

GUTFELD: Not true.

BECKEL: It is, too, true.

GUTFELD: This should have been a segment.

BECKEL: Can I have my "One More Thing" without people jumping on it?


BECKEL: Just once?


BECKEL: Never mind. Go ahead.

GUTFELD: No, you can go.

BECKEL: No, no, no.

GUTFELD: Bob, this was a segment we were going to do yesterday, and it's not fair to do it. It's a political thing where no one can comment. It's just not fair.

BOLLING: Agreed. Second that motion.

GUTFELD: This should have been a segment.

GUILFOYLE: I have something very important legally to say.

GUTFELD: And then, Bob, you can come back.

GUILFOYLE: You cannot tell someone that you are pregnant with their child on Facebook and count that as notice if you later give up the child for adoption. This is a legal case that just came down.

A woman got pregnant from a relationship. She posted it on Facebook. He didn't get the message. The child was given up for adoption. The court just came down and said that was not sufficient notice to terminate the father's parental rights. Very interesting.

However, remember another story in related news, Facebook, remember this whole thing that we did? That legally parents might be responsible for the posts of their children.

GUTFELD: All right. Bob, I'm ceding my "One More Thing" time to you.

BECKEL: No, that's all right.

GUTFELD: No, I want to. I want to.

BECKEL: A, I did not know it was a story we were going to do yesterday.

GUILFOYLE: It was your block.

BECKEL: I didn't -- I didn't -- it got knocked off! It got knocked off, right?

GUTFELD: All right.

BECKEL: You can laugh about it all you want. I had to try to get over the George Washington Bridge yesterday, and I had a hard time doing it. All right. You want to defend that guy? You want to defend him?

BOLLING: Bob, it was your block!

GUILFOYLE: How is it his fault that you couldn't get across the George Washington Bridge yesterday?

BOLLING: You're burying the lead.

BECKEL: No problem at all. They haven't fixed it yet, but I'm sure they will.

GUTFELD: All right. I'm going to -- I'm now out of my time --Dana.

PERINO: OK. Bob said this has been the most boring election in his memory, but it was not that boring in Vermont, where you've got seven gubernatorial candidates and they had a debate. Here's a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am a revolutionary, nonviolent socialist.

Most of what we have to discuss tonight will not be relevant for me.

CRIS ERICSON, VERMONT GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: Peter, someone had given $5 million to a ski resort to buy a new snow blower. Peter, did you do that?

EMILY PEYTON, VERMONT GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: What is more important to you, if you could have all the money in the world or you could have all the love in the world?

ERICSON: Peter, you're going to face a big lawsuit. You are uncivilized.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just poured this bottle of water on my table here.


GUTFELD: I love them.

PERINO: That actually happened. The Democratic incumbent is Peter Shumlin. He's up by 14 points and likely to win, despite that competition.


BOLLING: OK, very quickly, last night Dominic Adesanya jumped the White House fence. Check it out. Watch right here. Two dogs stop him, two Secret Service dogs stop him. That's Hurricane and Jordan, two heroes. But this guy punches and kicks those two dogs. I would love to see that guy taken down a little bit harder than he was.


BOLLING: Those are two heroes. There's Hurricane on the left, I believe, and Jordan, the other.

GUILFOYLE: Why did they pull the dogs off of him?

BOLLING: Awesome dogs. That guy is prime candidate for "Fool of the Week."

GUILFOYLE: And he's jumped before.

GUTFELD: All right. That's it for us. "Special Report" is next. Keep the camera on me.

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