Ground Rules for Interviewing the Pres

I need your help.

As we announced last night, next week, I'll be sitting down withPresident Bush (search) for an interview, obviously an important moment for Fox News and The Factor. We're grateful to the White House for making it happen.

So I want to know what you want to know, what you would ask President Bush? Please e-mail us. Keep it pithy, as I only have a short time with the president.

Also, our brand-new poll question asks you to make a prediction. Do you think John Kerry will come into the no spin zone?  We'll let you know the results early next week. Already, we're getting a lot of reaction to the upcoming interview.

David Jackewitz, who lives in Franklin, Tennessee e-mailed me. "Bill, tell us the ground rules for the Bush interview. Pre-screened questions?"

Never, Mr. Jackewicz. I'll do what I did last time. Just have a conversation with Mr. Bush. The rules have changed a bit, however. Whenever a journalist interviews a sitting president, there is protocol.

You must be respectful and clear with the intent of your questions. I mean, this is the most powerful man in the world who's fighting a war to protect the USA. I'm not going to waste his time.

But I think Mr. Bush, and I hope Senator Kerry as well, want to be responsive to the concerns of Factor viewers and listeners. So what you think matters here. And I'll look forward to reading your mail. And that's a memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

I knew September was going to be wild, but not like this. In addition to interviewing President Bush next week, the paperback edition of "Who's Looking Out for You" was just released. That book will help your life, I guarantee it.

My new hardcover book, "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids," comes out September 28th. You can pre-order it on or at any bookstore, or book Web site. This is a survival guide for American kids ages 10 to 16, and parents should read it as well.

Also, American Airlines Magazine has put me on the cover, which will be pretty frightening for some airline passengers. We appreciate American using a decent picture.

And then, on September 26th, "60 Minutes" is doing a profile on me. Mike Wallace (search) is the correspondent, and that should be interesting. And I'll be going one on one with David Letterman and our pal Jon Stewart shortly after that.

Ridiculous? Not if I get a nap. All that coming up.