Greta: We need more whistle-blowers inside our government

By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go all go "Off the Record" for a minute. Do you know what we need? Whistle-blowers. We need more Americans on the inside of our government who just can't stand deception and lack of transparency anymore.

We need you speak up so that we can get the straight story, the complete story and the truth about important matters. We in the media can ask lots of questions but the government often refuses to answer questions or dodge, so then we have to file Freedom of Information Act requests, but the government takes forever to comply. They game us. And even when they do answer, I'm not confident we get all the answers. I also believe the government hides its mistakes, things it doesn't want you to know by classifying documents that should in no way ever be classified. I think that's dirty.

But there's a way to get information. That's you. You work for the government, and you know something about ObamaCare or any other important issue that's being deliberately hidden from the Americans that Americans should know about, speak up. Whistle-blowers make a big difference. Case in point, FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai blew the whistle on the FCC's effort to put spies in newsrooms and require the media to answer ridiculous questions. If Commissioner Pai had not spoken up, the Constitution might have been trampled.

So if you know something the government is wrongfully hiding from Americans, you know where to find us. At FOX, we are not afraid. And that's my "Off the Record" comment tonight. If you have an important story or issue you think I should take "Off the Record," go to and tell us about it.