Greta: There's more interest in whether Obama wears 'mom jeans' than in finding out the truth in the Benghazi attacks

By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go "Off the Record." Good for ABC's Jonathan Karl. He was so aggressively questioning Jay Carney today about Benghazi.


JONATHAN KARL, ABC NEWS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Why were you holding back this information? Why was this email not turned over to the Congress? Why was it not release when you had released all the other emails? This is directly relevant? Why did you hold it back?


No matter how much President Obama and his staff insist Benghazi is a phony scandal, we want and deserve all the answers.

For starters, who made up that silly video story as a cause for Benghazi and why? Until right now, most of the media have been giving the White House a pass, even the A.P., who is supposed to be the gold standard in journalism. Here is an example. A.P. reporter Matt Lee sent an email two days after Benghazi to a then-State Department spokesperson that read, in part: "The utter B.S. that is being spread around on FOX is really unbelievable. I think you know or should know that I'm not a fan of any particular administration or policy and I'm not shy about calling out inconsistencies, but this is shocking."

Well, our aggressive reporting may shock Lee of the A.P., but do you know what shocks me? Some of the media who are in bed with the White House. Think about it. We are 19 months out from four Americans murdered, and we still don't have all the answers.

But it's not just the White House playing hide-and-seek or many in the media cozying up to them. It's also Capitol Hill. Where is the aggressive investigation there? There appears to be more interest in Washington about whether President Obama wears "mom jeans" than the death of four Americans at Benghazi.

That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight. If you have a story or issue you think I should take "Off the Record," go to and tell me about it.