Greta: The ObamaCare Serco deal smells rotten

By Greta Van Susteren

You know I love Washington - beautiful city, gorgeous monuments. But right now, it's so hard not to be disgusted by Washington. It's about what goes on here.

I hate to use the word corrupt, but it's hard not to think "corrupt." You just heard a report about Serco. And of course, it's only the investigation stage for Serco, but how decent is it to award billions of dollars of government contracts to organizations who, at best, are really cozy with politicians making contributions and at worst, buying them with campaign contributions and schmoozing lobbyists.

And tell me, why would the Obama administration award your hard-earned money, more than a billion dollars, to a company currently under investigation in Britain for swindling the British taxpayers? Isn't that a red flag? And what's with the lobbyists who work at the law firm that lobbies for Serco to get these billion dollars. He's a former Capitol Hill staffer who worked on health care reform in the U.S. Senate when it was being debated, and he is now himself central in his own federal insider trading investigation?

I don't know about you but, but it smells rotten. I know it, you know it. But why doesn't the Obama administration know it? Do you feel a little bit had? Go to and tell me what you think about this. I really want to know. What do you think? And that's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.