Greta: Obama is so tone deaf - and it's not the first time

By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record." Do not get me wrong - I like to have a good time and I also want our president to have a good time. But President Obama's tone deaf, and don't blame this one on the staff.

He should have known better. He's the president of United States I'm talking about President Obama doing a tango at a state dinner in Argentina.

Let me repeat: I'm not opposed to him having fun. It's the timing and lousy judgment of it while Belgium is grieving. The world is worried about terror, and he is doing the tango, knowing his picture will be taken, knowing this video will go viral. The optics are horrible.

And during my "Off the Record" last night, I urged the president to cut his trip short and come home because cutting his trip short would have sent a strong message to our allies that we grieve with them, we stand with them. Last night I even played this incredible moment of symbolism that meant so much for Americans when Queen Elizabeth, just days after 9/11, played our national anthem at Buckingham Palace.

So, the president is not coming home early to send that message. But did he have to send this one tone deaf message? And regrettably, it's not his first time. His grin on the golf course immediately after speaking about the beheading of our American journalist James Foley is seared in all our memories. At the very least, who is advising the president?

That's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.