Greta: My message to the word police bullies - Stop the silly stuff

By Greta Van Susteren

Time to go "Off the Record." I want to talk about some bullies. The word police - they are bullies.

I used the word "thug" to describe rioters in Baltimore who are lighting cars on fire and burning down a senior center and I heard some said using the term thug to describe the violent rioters was racist. Racist.

OK, that was silly. And worse, it was needless bullying that created a short-term distraction from real problems. But I had advice for those bullies, the word police. I told them to look the word thug up in the dictionary, and they would learn the definition of thug is "violent criminal." Thug is not a racial slur. It's a violent criminal.

So, yes, why am I raising that now, weeks after the fires have been put out in Baltimore? Because I'm an equal opportunity "thug" name-caller. Those bikers in Texas - those gang members - they knew there would be trouble. They went there looking for trouble and guess what, they're thugs.

In fact, some of those bikers are both thugs and even murders. S,o my message tonight is directed right at the word police: You need to stop being bullies and you need to stop being so silly and start worrying about what is important - not about words, but what is about happening in our communities, whether it is the streets of Baltimore or in a restaurant in Waco. Stop the silly stuff.

That's my "Off the Record comment tonight.