Greta: More bad news dogs TSA and our airlines

By Greta Van Susteren

Let's all go "Off the Record." TSA has been getting barbecued for those long lines causing people to miss flights. That bad news coming after reports that the TSA failed 95 percent of its mock explosives test.

And today more scary news, for the last six years, an accused Somali war criminal has been working as a security guard at Dulles Airport near Washington. And get this? The guy passed both FBI and TSA background checks. Bad, huh?

And what about the airlines? During apparently good weather, aUnited Airlines pilot bounced a 767 on the Newark Airport runway, then aborted that landing, trying a second landing and bouncing the plane again causing the cabin ceiling to fall on passengers. It took a third try to land. So far, no explanation from United. What's with that?

But it's not just TSA and the airlines. How about us, our manners? Take a look at us, or maybe you don't want to take a look at this. JetBlue told this woman she could not board unless she changed out of those shorts. This passenger apparently thinks it's an appropriate dress for flying among families with kids. Ok, maybe you do, too, but what about this passenger? A man was kicked off a Flybe plane in Ireland for taking photos of a flight attendant's rear end. You heard right, pictures of a flight attendant's rear end.

So yes, the TSA needs to improve and so do the airlines But so do some passengers. Whatever happened to common sense and good taste? And that's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.