Greta: I apologize for making fun of National Moth Week

By Greta Van Susteren

Let's go "Off the Record" for a minute. I did something stupid, even insensitive. The last full week of July was named National Moth Week. In response, I blogged on GretaWire, "Do we really need this, a National Moth Week?"

I went on to blog that I'm in favor of science and learning, but a National Moth Week? And then, this morning I was taken to task in an article by the Philadelphia Inquirer for that GretaWire posting. And after some thought, I agree. I shouldn't have blogged it.

Just so we're clear, in the blog I was not complaining about moths or criticizing the importance of studying them. I was just being snarky, which isn't good, but I just being snarky about how we have national and international all sorts of things, like Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, National Catfish Month, International Flirting Week. You get the picture.

We have so many special occasions, some of them are unusual. But on a serious note, when I'm talking about this, if people have fun with national whatever days, weeks or months, for most good causes or if it puts a spotlight on something or even educates, why not, right? And certainly, I shouldn't be a jerk and post something snarky about it, so I am sorry. And to prove it, I intend to go online this week and read about moths. I've already done a little bit today and learned that scientists estimate there are 150,000, more than 500,000, moth species. Can you believe it?

So, I've had a manners lessons, and I'm learning about moths. And that's my "Off the Record" comment tonight.