Grapevine: Zero tolerance policy on sandwiches

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Bringing Home the Bacon

Right now, President Obama is in New York attending two Democratic fundraisers at private homes.

With an entry fee of $32,400-a-head, the president will raise about $810,000 for the DNC at the first event.

No word how many $32,000 tickets were sold for the second stop.

Undoubtedly a pretty good haul until you factor in the $1.2 million the president's trip is costing.

That includes the cost to operate Air Force One -- $180,000 per hour, for two hours -- and how much past trips by the president have cost the city of New York and the Port Authority. That does not include costs for operating Marine One.

Now, how that tab is going to get paid, is still in doubt tonight.

Bizarre Twist

A new, bizarre twist in the case of a mummified body found inside a Michigan home.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the woman who lived there is on record as having voted as recently as 2010 -- two years after she is believed to have died.

A contractor found the body last week.

49-year-old Pia Farrenkopf who owned the house had no close family and was known to travel frequently, so the fact that she had not been seen since 2008 did not raise any suspicions.

All of her bills were deducted from her bank account.

City officials say records of Farrenkopf voting in the 2010 gubernatorial election could be a mistake.

The medical examiner has not yet positively identified the mummified body.

Contraband Bust

Finally, a student in Ottawa has been suspended for three days for smuggling in contraband into school. That sounds reasonable, right?

Well, the contraband was a sandwich, and the culprit is a 2-year-old girl.

Faith Murray's dad tells Canadian media the toddler must have picked up the cheese sandwich and put it in her pocket at home.

The school has a strict policy against bringing in outside food, so Faith was immediately suspended for three days.

School officials say there are students with severe allergies and families are repeatedly reminded of the policy.

Faith's dad said the little girl was not even given a warning and the policy is too severe especially since the sandwich was in a Ziploc bag that was never opened.