Grapevine: Woman committed over Obama Twitter claim?

Now some fresh pickings  from the Political Grapevine…

Presidential Declaration

A long island woman is suing-- after she was committed to a psych ward-- for claiming President Obama follows her on Twitter.

The New York Daily News reports-- It started when police seized Kam Brock's car.
Her attorney says-- they believed she had been using pot-- despite finding no trace of drugs.

When she went to get her car-- Brock admits she was emotional-- and soon found herself-- cuffed and headed to the hospital.

Quote-- "I told (the doctor) Obama follows me on Twitter to show her the type of person I am."

But doctors didn't believe her.
And part of her treatment plan-- was to get her to admit--  Obama did not follow her on Twitter.

She was released 8 days later-- without explanation.

Perhaps the doctors did a little research-- and discovered Brock is one of the 640,000 people-- the president does-- in fact-- follow on Twitter.

Popularity Contest

When it comes to popularity-- President Obama has some catching up to do-- with make-believe presidents.
A Reuters poll found 46 percent of Americans-- hold a favorable view of Mr. Obama.
The same poll asked about TV presidents--

It's no surprise that ‘24's’ President Palmer-- and the 'West Wing's' President Bartlett-- were more popular.

But even some with more checkered records-- like 'Scandal's' President Grant--- topped Mr. Obama.
And despite a history of killing people-- 'House of Cards'' Frank Underwood-- also beat him by 11 points.

Most Interesting Scam in the World

Finally-- a driver in Washington state got caught in the HOV lane-- with the most interesting scam we've seen in a while.

Buckled in to his passenger seat-- a cut-out-- of the most interesting man in the world-- as seen in those Dos Equis beer commercials.
The trooper who pulled him over-- gave him a $124 dollar ticket-- but let the driver continue on his travels-- with his co-pilot in place.
Stay thirsty-- my friends.