Grapevine: Will LAX have to move due to global warming?

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

It Was this Big

Exaggeration happens all the time in politics.

This week's example?

California Governor Jerry Brown issued a dire warning about the effects of climate change -- a possible four foot rise in sea levels over the next 200 years.

Quote -- "The Los Angeles Airport is going to be underwater. So is the San Francisco airport...You're going to have to move all that...That's billions, if not tens of billions of dollars."

Turns out that warning was kind of a stretch.

LAX is more than 100 feet above sea level even at its lowest point.

A spokesman for the Democratic governor told the Los Angeles times that Brown misspoke but stands by the larger point about needing to prepare for the impact of climate change.

Summer is Coming

Well, summer is almost here and the temperature and electric bills are on the rise.

One piece of good news, the bill is going to be a little lower following a court decision demanding the Energy Department stop collecting a fee to fund a federal nuclear waste site.


No such site exists. One state utility commissioner called the end of the fee -- quote -- "A victory for customers...People shouldn't be paying for something that doesn't exist."

The fee has been collected for 31 years and has amassed $37 billion.

Want a refund? Too bad.

The Energy Department plans to use the fund to design and build a new site by 2048.

Somber Occasion

Finally, today's 9/11 Memorial Museum dedication ceremony almost took an uncomfortable political turn.

On the original program after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's speech, a Broadway singer was going to perform the song "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

The choice seemed to be a not-so-subtle reference to the accusations that Christie's staff intentionally created traffic on a bridge into New York City last year.

Just before the ceremony, a museum spokesman announced the singer was ill and "Amazing Grace" would be performed instead.

The spokesman said the change had nothing to do with Christie or the song.