Grapevine: Whistleblower canned for whistleblowing

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine…

Whistle While You Work

A federal Whistleblower Protection Program recently fired an employee -- for the one thing you would not expect -- whistleblowing.
A San Francisco TV station reports -- the former investigator says he was canned -- for reporting bureaucratic dysfunction.

Darrell Whitman says management at The Occupational Health and Safety Administration -- encouraged the speedy -- and sometimes unwarranted -- closure of investigations -- in order to clear a backlog of cases.
OSHA disputes Whitman's claims -- saying he was fired for numerous reasons -- including lack of candor during an investigatory meeting -- and unauthorized release of government documents.

Whitman's case will now go to the Office of Special Counsel -- another government agency that is supposed to protect whistleblowers.

Corruption 101

A corrupt Chicago politician – that’s really not new.
Now it seems -- not even the schools are immune.

Media reports say -- the former head of Chicago Public schools pleaded guilty to steering about $20 million in contracts to a consulting company -- in exchange for $2.3 million in kickbacks--  and the guarantee of a job for her down the road.

Outside the courthouse -- Barbara Byrd-Bennett directed her comments to the students.
Quote -- "I am terribly sorry, and I apologize to them. They deserve much more -- much more than I gave to them."

She faces a maximum penalty of seven and a half years in prison.

Stop, Drop and Roll

Finally -- stop drop and roll -- is good advice for putting out fires -- most of the time.

But after letting a garbage fire get out of control -- a Missouri man tried to put it out -- by rolling his van back and forth over it.
It gets dumber.
The Kansas City Star reports -- the van had a full tank of gas -- along with live ammunition.

Upon realizing the explosive potential of the situation -- the driver ran for safety.

A fire crew showed up -- to keep the blaze under control.