Grapevine: What's Cooking in Ron Paul's Kitchen?

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...


Massachusetts Democrats may have to choose between the troops and the party.

The State House news service reports the date for the Massachusetts primary was moved from September 18th to September 6th because of a conflict with a Jewish holiday.

Now Democratic Governor Deval Patrick is asking for the date to be moved again because the 6th is the closing night of the Democratic Convention in North Carolina.

The State House Republican leader says pushing the date back could jeopardize the distribution of absentee military ballots.

Quote -- "My question would be why did he sign it in the first place? Was he doing his book deal or too busy traveling? We're not changing it for religious reasons or enfranchisement reasons, but so they can go to the party."

What's Cooking?

Republican presidential Candidate Ron Paul has the perfect holiday gift for that hard-to-shop-for libertarian.

For just $8 supporters can order the "Ron Paul Family Cookbook" from the candidate's 2012 website that promises 28 pages of recipes to warm your kitchen and your heart.

New York Magazine came up with some fake recipes with a libertarian flavor.

One read -- quote -- "The only recipe you should be paying attention to was written in 1787. It's called the Constitution, and it's a recipe for freedom."

Home Run

Now a Grapevine follow-up...

A gay softball organization says it will pay an undisclosed settlement to three bisexual players who claimed they were disqualified from its 2008 World Series because they were not gay enough.

Their team will also receive the second-place trophy it was denied at the time.

One official involved in the decision to disqualify the players said at the time -- quote -- "This is not a Bisexual World Series. This is a Gay World Series."

The league has since added language to its rules clarifying that bisexual and transgender players are welcome to compete.