Grapevine: Video of president working out goes viral

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Twitter Rant

A tirade on Twitter, questioning the honesty and sanity of Bowe Bergdahl's former platoon mates is creating quite a stir.

It was posted by a spokesman for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Brandon Friedman's first tweet reads -- quote -- "Here's the thing about Bergdahl and the Jump-to- Conclusions mats -- What if his platoon was long on psychopaths and short on leadership?"

Friedman -- who is a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan goes on to suggest a conspiracy to smear Bergdahl's reputation.

He issued a statement today, saying he was not speaking for the administration.

Quote -- "While I just wanted to make the point that the public should wait before passing judgment, I unfortunately used my own poor judgment in choosing inappropriate language that many view as disparaging to U.S. service members."

Battle of Brawn

On a much lighter note, it is a battle of brawn -- President Obama versus Vladimir Putin -- after video of the American leader working out this week went viral, inviting comparisons to his Russian counterpart.

While Mr. Obama does a mean lunge, and works out on the elliptical, Putin is no stranger to strenuous exercise -- often with his shirt off.

You may recall, last year's G-8 summit in Northern Ireland featured a superpower standoff over which leader would get to use the hotel gym.

President Obama put in his reservation first. He got to use the gym.

President Putin went for a swim in an icy lake instead.

Picture Worth a Thousand Words

And speaking of physical fitness...

A picture has prompted a thousand words -- at least -- over Hillary Clinton's health.

The cover photo on People Magazine shows Clinton leaning on, what some people speculated, might be a walker.

That fed into the narrative she's not in good health.

But the magazine says stop all the blogs -- it was just a patio chair.