Grapevine: Toddler gets stuck inside claw game machine

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Cautionary Tale

The FBI has released a video warning American college students of the dangers of being recruited to spy on the U.S. while studying abroad.

But instead of sending its production crew on location producers passed off the streets of Washington D.C. as Shanghai.

"Game of Pawns -- The Glenn Duffie Shriver Story " lays out the true story of a student from Michigan who is now in prison for agreeing to spy on the CIA during a semester in China.

But, eagle-eyed Washingtonians quickly realized scenes of Shriver getting caught up in Chinese culture and nightlife actually come from our very own Chinatown.

Perhaps sacrificing a little authenticity to save a few bucks isn't such a bad thing. Last year, you may remember, the IRS came under fire for "Gilligan's Island" and "Star Trek" themed employee training videos which reportedly cost taxpayers $60,000.

Sitdown with the President

Today, President Obama sat down for a one-on-one interview with CBS correspondent Major Garrett, less than a month after the president's last network interview -- which was also with CBS.

According to a running list by White House correspondent Mark Knoller, President Obama has had 28 interviews with CBS; 12 with CNN; 27 with NBC; and 32 with ABC; while Fox has had only eight.

But not for a lack of invitations. We here at "Special Report" have a standing request to talk to the president and interview him that gets renewed every month or so.

The last time he sat down with me was March 17, 2010.

Eye on the Prize

And finally, a kid in Nebraska knew what he wanted and went for it.

Three-year-old Kael Ireland's mom got out of the shower Monday and realized her son was missing.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports he turned up right across the street at the bowling alley, where he managed to crawl up the chute and into a toy vending machine.

Bowlers discovered the little boy playing happily in a pile of toys with that big claw.

Employees who freed him let him keep a stuffed animal.