Grapevine: The dangers of pocket dialing

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Read All About It

Wisconsin newspaper publishers were put in an awkward situation after it was discovered that 25 journalists with the Gannett Media Group signed a petition calling for the recall of Republican Governor Scott Walker.

This was after the investigative arm of that group broke a story last week that exposed 29 circuit court judges did sign on to the very same recall petition.

The journalists are facing disciplinary actions though a number of them reportedly told their editors they equated signing the petition to casting a vote in an election.

One publisher writes -- quote -- "The journalists' instincts, if not their training, should have kicked in, warning them not to get personally involved."

On the Front Lines

You thought your boss was bad.

Politico reports a disabled veteran and aide to Congresswoman Laura Richardson submitted her resignation saying war was preferable to working for the California Democrat.

Brenda Cruz said that the lawmaker and a senior staffer mistreated her during and after her pregnancy.

Quote -- "As a service connected-disabled veteran it is sad to say that I [would] rather be at war in Afghanistan than work under people that are morally corrupt."

Cruz also alleges the congresswoman used her staff for political purposes a no no according to House ethics rules.

Richardson's office called the accusations "completely baseless."

Pocket Dial Oops

Finally, an accidental pocket dial resulted in jail for one Connecticut man.

Michael Gorneau reportedly called 911 by mistake while he was in the process of stealing 700 pounds of scrap metal.

Police were dispatched to the scene for fear the man was in trouble. He was charged with trespassing and larceny and faces a court appearance next month.