Grapevine: Teachers vs. principals in lesson plan fight

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Back to School

School has started or will start soon around the country, but in New York there’s already a battle between teachers and principals.

The New York Post writes -- a teachers union has filed a lawsuit asking a judge to rule that teachers have sole power over lesson plans.
Some education reformers and parents are fighting back.

"It's outrageous that teachers believe they don't need to share their lesson plans with the principal beforehand. How is a principal supposed to ensure students are receiving a high-quality education?"

An Education Department official says -- this is the same union-- that recently defended a teacher who merely strung together a list of song titles -- and called it a lesson plan.

A Friend in Need?

Helping friends find work is a noble cause.

Creating millions of dollars in damages while doing it -- is not.

23-year-old Sadie Johnson has admitting starting a fire because --  quote -- "Her firefighter friends were bored and needed work."
So she tossed a lit firecracker into the brush on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Oregon.

The fire burned 50,000 acres -- took almost two months to extinguish -- and cost the Bureau of Indian Affairs nearly $8 million.

Johnson was caught after she posted on Facebook -- like my fire?

Out of the Fire

Finally -- from fire to ice-- the Ice Bucket Challenge -- and another social media genius.
Nebraska felon Jesean Morris -- wanted for parole violation-- posted video of his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on his Facebook page.

Someone tipped police -- and they nabbed him.

He likely won’t get much credit for the charity work.