Grapevine: Silence is golden for broadcast networks

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine…

Silence Is Golden

The big three broadcast networks are once again ignoring a story that has been a big deal on cable news -- e-mails showing economist Jonathan Gruber's close ties with the White House -- during the crafting of ObamaCare.

That directly contradicts what President Obama and others have said.

None of the network evening newscasts reported that the MIT professor was called by one administration official -- an integral part of the process-- and a hero.

None of the morning newscasts pointed out that in August of 2009 -- Larry Summers -- then Director of the National Economic Council -- asked Gruber what would he do -- if he were president.

Plenty of stories did make the cut -- like CBS noting a new record in surfing.

66 people on one -- giant -- surf board.

The Hard Numbers

Covered California -- is the largest state-run health care market set up under ObamaCare and Investor's Daily reports -- the man who runs it -- got a huge raise and bonus-- despite some terrible results.

The program is 300,000 subscribers short of its the stated goal-- and is running a $100 m illion budget shortfall.

Still --  executive director Peter Lee is getting a 27 percent raise this year.

Plus -- a $65,000 bonus.

Lee himself admitted last year -- there are questions about the sustainability of the organization.

Dancing in the Moonlight

Finally -- a victory dance may soon be appropriate -- and legal -- in Japan.

Reuters reports -- the Japanese government is considering relaxing a ban on dancing.

Busting-a-move at public venues is technically illegal in Japan -- but allowed until midnight in clubs that have a special license.

This dates back to a 1948 law -- aimed at curbing post-war prostitution.

The change in the dancing rules -- is being considered as part of a broader de-regulation movement.