Grapevine: Rev. Jesse Jackson takes on the Grammy's

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

"March for Life" Rally

Monday, correspondent Shannon Bream covered the annual March for Life rally that saw tens of thousands of pro-life supporters along with some pro-choice demonstrators descend on the nation's capital.

However, if you were watching the big three broadcast networks you wouldn't have heard a peep about the event.

You would have been in the dark too if you were reading the print version of the New York Times, not one word.

And the Washington Examiner even noticed a local CBS website featured seven-pictures of the event but none of pro-life activists.

Until the page was updated days later, the only images in the slideshow were pro-choice supporters.

The Media Research Center notes -- quote -- "These tens of thousands bravely keep coming to the capital in all kinds of bad weather every January, fully aware that the supposedly objective national media will pretend they don't exist."

Face the Music

Reverend Jesse Jackson is hoping the Grammy's Recording Academy will start singing a different tune when it comes to cuts in nomination categories.

Last April, the Academy announced it was consolidating many categories shrinking the list from 109 to 78.

Jackson has demanded a meeting with the organization president and is threatening a protest at the February 12th event.

The New York Times reports some musicians have complained the cuts discriminate against certain ethnic groups.

Some Latin jazz musicians have filed a lawsuit, claiming the reductions did them irreparable harm.

Vehicle History

Finally, just how much would you pay for a used 2005 Chrysler sedan if it was driven by then-Senator Barack Obama?

The owner is auctioning the car on eBay with an asking price of, get this, $1 million.

So far, no bids.

ABC notes the Kelley Blue Book value is about $14,000 dollars.