Grapevine: President Obama gets heckled by a friendly crowd

And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine…

Rowdy Crowd

Politicians expect to be heckled-- but not when addressing-- what is supposed to be-- a friendly audience.

Yesterday President Obama spoke in the East Room of the White House -- to mark LGBT Pride Month -- and welcomed what he called a rowdy crowd.

He was right.


President Barack Obama: I’ve told you that the civil rights of LGBT Americans is…now hold on a second. You know what, no, no, no…

Hey, listen you’re in my house.


The protester was an undocumented transgender woman -- calling for the release of LGBTQ immigrants held in detention centers.

The crowd may have cheered the president's quip -- but many on Twitter -- took issue with the characterization of the White House as his.

Morgan M Page @morganmpage

Obama forgot: it isn't his house, it's the house of the people.

Another added –

Tim Henry @melaexec

He is a guest in that house and he should never forget it

Disaster Preparedness

A series of February Avalanches damaged Afghanistan's power systems.

Good thing the U.S. built a $335 million power plant designed to respond to emergency situations.

The bad news -- the Afghans are not using it.

Electrical shortages were felt throughout the country -- and the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction is demanding answers.

The Tarakhil Power Plant began construction in 2007 -- and after the usual delays and extra costs -- was handed over to the Afghan government in 2010.

But the Afghans cannot afford to run the plant.

It has been operating at a dismal 2 percent capacity.

USAID has two weeks to offer an explanation.


Finally -- waste is not just in government.

A Delaware charter school principal is accused of spending at least $128,000 of school money on personal expenses -- including alcohol -- electronics like a 55-inch TV -- and a treadmill.

The Delaware state auditor says Noel Rodriguez also paid $2,000-- for Christmas ornaments.

The auditor found Rodriguez took advantage of weaknesses of the state's oversight procedures.

Rodriguez has left the school at the request of the board.